Flora by Gucci

Chris Cunningham directs an ad for Gucci which is significantly huggable. Check it out.

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Hug™ Profile: Nessim Higson

The New Oreleans-based designer, Nessim Higson, defines the phrase “on the grind”. His passionate energy for design is constant and never shy. In addition to his prolific commercial work, Mr. Higson has a deep love for his community. We were able to catch up with Ness and dig his brain for a hot second.

GH: Briefly introduce yourself.

NH: Heya! I live in the city that care forgot, also known as New Orleans. I run a small design boutique entitled iamalwayshungry / IAAH. I’m consistently shocked that my job isn’t really a job at all. Work turns out to be play (more times than not).

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Occupy / Greg Eason

3 new prints from Greg Eason available at Occupy.

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Fantastic 19th Century Typography.

Here is a collection of very unique and beautiful typographic solutions by D. A. Sanborn.

Alexander Brown

Music Video Director Alexander Brown / brownboy has delivered a beautiful video for James Blake and a few others. Brown is a solid director to keep your eyes on.


GLACIERS is a four-piece, instrumental rock band from San Francisco and Oakland, California. Though the band has only been together for two years, they have developed a strong following with their loud, climactic live performances and their first album. Three of the four members of GLACIERS previously played in very loud, hardcore bands when they were younger, but with this Bay Area quartet, they have achieved a much more varied approach to music.

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Mutant Fruit

Wacky poster project by Uli Westphal that documents a collection of mindboggeling mutant fruit.

Jakob Holmsberg / Copenhagen

Graphic designer and art director Jakob Holmsberg works out of Copenhagen. His body of work strikes a clean balance between artistic (personal projects) and commercial (client-orientated). He has a diverse and commendably brave portfolio. Take some time to take it in.

Andy Gilmore

I recently came cross Andy Gilmore’s work via Breed, and I must say I find it truly captivating. A curious case of disciplinary cross-over between music and design (as Andy is a musician as well as a practising designer) yielding eye-popping results in the form of these geometric illustrations. They are simple but yet deceivingly complex, and surely palatable with most forms of visual language and communication – hinting at mainstream appeal which is far flung from the source of the art. Don’t just take my word for it, check out his website.

The Last Supper

Check out this fascinating series of photographs documenting former Death Row prisoners’ requests for their last meal before execution by James Reynold.

Everything Happens For A Reason

Despite arguably descending into a quagmire of illogical, pseudo-religious schmaltz last year (I’m still waiting for six years of my life back, but that’s another story), the ABC show LOST receives these super-simple and incredibly effective homage posters. Created by Madrid-based designer Pablo Sánchez, they are available for purchase on his online store. Check them out.

Roya Hamburger

It’s overcast and gray in Paris today, but I am determined to start 2011 cheerfully. So, I present to you the colorful work of Roya Hamburger.

Check out her website full of other colorful illustrations!

A Better World

The brand new NIKE HTML5 site is live. Just scroll.