Design Project

Our friends up north treat us to the launch of their new site sharing with us some beautiful work. Enjoy. Design Project.

Bill Withers

american classic song writer- singer. use me cued at 0:57 the drummer is brill.

Hidden Archive

I recently had the pleasure of working with Dylan Martorell. Dylan is a Melbourne based artist, musician and designer. His work often evolves from drawings, into musical ventures, to performances. I find his work delicate, detailed, and mesmerizing. He works mostly with pen on paper, creating complex illustrations by using ‘structural building blocks of nature as a reference point.’ Truly unique and quite tribal in feel. They make me want to pick up a pencil again and get lost for hours. He recently began creating hand-written musical scores based on patterns he discerns in botanical structures. Really beautiful!

A Tribute: Ishikawa Toyonobu: Ukiyoe Print Master

Hello everyone. I recently got back from Japan (about a few hours ago) and can’t sleep so I thought I’d post pictures of this Ukiyoe print I purchased in Kyoto. I’m a big fan of Ukiyoe and just recently added this print to my collection. Most people are only familiar with only Hiroshige, but there are many different wood block printers that are just as wonderful and unique. I’m a firm believer most contemporary designers can learn a lot from Ukiyoe. The usage of color, form, line, spacial techniques, to name a few. At the very least be impressed by the fact that similar to silk-screening each color needs its own registration, but only hand carved in wood. There are about 14 different pieces of wood per panel in this print and there are 3 panels total. (So around 40 different pieces of wood.) This particular print is made by Ishikawa Toyonobu. He was born into a samurai family in 1711 during the Edo period. In the mid-1760s he inherited from his father-in-law an inn in Edo’s Kodenmacho district. He largely abandoned his artistic activities in the last two decades of his life. So I feel quite lucky to even have an original copy of this print. This print is over 200 years old and is depicting a scene from a battle at sea that happened in feudal Japan. I hope you enjoy this print by Ishikawa Toyonobu as much as I do. I’ve uploaded pictures on my site.

Sensurround Online

Posting this because it’s soon to be old news. found a very cool loophole in the law that allows them to screen whole DVD’s online for one week only. They’ve been running this show since their launch in April earlier this year and have aptly called the show ‘One Week Only.’ This past week they have been screening the Cornelius‘ amazing companion DVD Sensurround. The DVD has music videos of all song recorded on Cornelius’ album Sensuous. All the videos are directed by the ever-talented Tsujikawa Koichiroexcept for two, (‘Toner’ by Takagi Masakatsu and ‘Watadori’ by the art/design collective Groovisions.) This is an amazing DVD and it really shows of Koichiro’s talents, methods, and themes. The DVD will be replaced by a new one this Friday so check it out before them if you have time!

DVEIN & National Geographic

Barçelona-based trio DVEIN have recently made four identity spots for the National Geographic Channel. Make no mistake, these guys are certainly part of mo-graph’s finest in the world right now. It only makes sense that they’ve also done work with a fellow Barça typographic talent, Alex Trochut, who also happened to do their logotype. I had the pleasure of working with Teo and Fernando while interning at Prologue a few summers back, and they are some of the most laid back, goofiest cabrones you will ever meet. If you haven’t checked out their work before, be sure to peruse their site. Consistently enthralling work.

Spelling Change

Spelling Change is a project involving a slew of people, the entire alphabet, and t-shirts. Some really beautiful and thoughtful letterforms have been contributed, all of which are featured on this site. Today begins an open call for contributions to create a letter to add to this vibrant alphabet.

Projected Dining

Inamo has recently opened in London’s Soho with a superb new approach to eating out! One of the restaurant’s unique features are that menus are displayed by ‘cocoon’ projectors onto tabletops, allowing diners to order food and beverages interactively, to change the ambiance of their individual table, to play games and even to order up local information and services, such as booking a cab! Design by BlackSheep

Nazine Magazine

I’ve had my eye on Nazine for a while. Thanks to Graphic Hug I gave it a revisit today and I was pleasantly surprised to view the spring issue. Nazine is an online fashion magazine published by Na Seung and a diverse team of photographers, writers, stylists, and other creatives. It’s been sporadically published since 2003. For the most part it is a fashion publication. There is amazing photography by Johanna Ruebel, Pyung Hwa Haan, and Mok Jung Wook. But most of the design and photography is done by Na Seung. The clothes come from all over, but they do make an effort to showcase some Korean talent, like Steve J & Yoni P.

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uk-based collective. battles. tonto = ace.

Tomas Celizna

I recently had the pleasure of sharing a desk with Tomas. Yes, a single desk. We reached a point in a project last month where two concepts we were working on merged together, so instead of working 15 feet away from each other and communicating via yelling or Adium/iChat, his solution was to cram my cpu and monitor right beside his and design in an ultra-collaborative work station. We were literally working shoulder to shoulder. Aside from some constant banter by jealous coworkers (“Look at the wonder twins”, “Awww, isn’t that cute”, and a few others that are not suitable for public discussion…), this method proved to be very successful. I would recommend everyone else try it at some point in their careers. Besides his ability to speak in “Christian Bale as Batman, not Bruce Wayne, and without that annoying lisp” for hours on end, he is an extremely solid designer and is great to work with. Czech you out!

The Best American Comics 2008

A new book release this month — The Best American Comics 2008. It promises to be a fantastic collection of stories by comic artists working today. The cover art is a fun illustration of people, objects, animals and signage drawn by the very talented Eleanor Davis, whose work is also featured inside. Her techniques and style range and vary from project to project, and she always does such beautiful, lovely and unexpected things with typography in her work. from joe lambert’s flickr, via eleanor’s blog. thank you!

TV Type

Found this a while back and been meaning to post it. Basically an archive of all intro sequences from all old shows of old kinds. Pretty much a treasure trove for those that like old school effects and pretty ridiculous type. The only thing troublesome I would have to say about this though is that you have to download RealPlayer, if you have not done so already. So if you are unwilling to do so, click no further. Details »