FSF – Pie Paper

It’s back again folks, Free Shipping Friday! Hope everyone had a great week. For the yanks, hope everyone recovered from your sun-drenched weekends. This week we are featuring Pie Paper, a quality publication from New Zealand. Pie Paper brings together a thoughtful package in a carefully considered broadside form. It is a piece that is not to be dismissed as “another newsprint zine”.

Take a look at this great diagram. Already you can tell that the editors are trying to cover a lot of ground. Unlike many other ambitious publications out there, Pie Paper really does bring it all together. Looking through issue #1, themed under the concept of “repetition”, is an exciting excavation process that yields surprising discoveries.

**Note — Orders made in the next 24 hours will be shipped next Friday (6.11.2010). We appreciate the support! Hugs.

Tobias Wong We Miss You

Tobias Wong, one of my favorite artists has passed away at the young age of 35. He has created some truly amazing work and he will be missed.

Inntel Hotel

This new hotel designed by WAM architecten is a building that features overlapping green wooden facades typical of traditional houses in the Netherlands.

World Street Art

In case any of you were thinking of filling your backpacks and doing a bit of globe trotting this summer, here’s a great article listing the world’s best cities for viewing street art. Just don’t forget to pack your camera!

Kashiwa Sato

Coming from Japan, Kashiwa Sato is a branding machine. This website, designed by the epic THA, is quite a feast in and of itself. Loads of work well worth a look.

Back To The Basics

Check out Seattle’s Best’s new logo. Seems like there’s been a trend lately in creating logos that are super simple. The round, friendly typeface feels a little dunkin donuts-esque. I’m curious to see how this new mark will be implemented throughout their branding materials. So, yay or nay? I’m leaning towards yay. Not 100% sure yet though.

Colorcubic, Then Francesco Franchi

Colorcubic is a multidisciplinary creative studio founded by Michael John and Christy Lai. There are sneak peeks of a great deal of eclecticism going on here, but I’d been led to hear of them from seeing a post they did on this totally compelling publication – Intelligence in Lifestyle (featured here – check out that mast head for starters!). I was a bit gutted to discover their website is still under construction, but you can see more of their work on their Behance page here. So credit where credit is due, it turns out the magazine’s rich aesthetic is the brainchild of a one Francesco Franchi, who’s further delights you can see here on the Flickr stream.

Type Is All Around You

Intriguing typography can be found just about anywhere. Here is a great collection provided by Bryan Collins.

Jimmy Soat

The uber talented Jimmy Soat has updated with some new pieces in his range. Again, the attention to detail and the high level of aesthetics are unmatched.

Process Journal

Process Journal is a quarterly released design publication that showcases the very best of Australian and International design produced by Hunt Studio. I gotta get my hands on a copy.

“As you turn the pages you will see that we are not a magazine, we are not a book, but we like to consider ourselves somewhere in between. We are about capturing beautiful work in a printed publication that takes a step back and allows the design to do the talking.” – Process Journal

FSF – New Work Magazine

That’s right folks. FSF = Free Shipping Fridays. For the next few weeks we will be offering free shipping with the purchase of the featured product. This week we have the illustrious New Work Magazine. Currently, we have Issue No. 4 in stock.

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The McDermott Award

Presitigous Boston-based designer / illustrator Adam Larson recently completed an astounding commission for MIT. The Eugene McDermott Award is given out to rising artists. They are awarded with a hefty $75k grant and this newly designed ball of power. It is rare for such an award to be designed, and it is even more rare when the actual object looks truly great.

Introducing Erik

Lets begin this editorial column with a simple observation about a simple practice… sketching. No one does it anymore! That initial spark of an idea that once yielded a creative union of flesh to No. 2 has now moved onto plastic and glass.

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