The portfolio of Eps51 epitomizes the offspring of a multi-culturally informed design sensibility with impeccable conceptual flair. Details »

John Boilard’s Letter Collection

John Boilard is a senior in the Graphic Design Department at MassArt. With a few months left before graduation, he undertook a huge personal project: to whittle down his collection of 945 favorite letter forms to make an eclectic screen-printed alphabet. The original letters are pulled from old books and photographs, wood type, antique shops, and the occasional existing typeface (pictured above). Many had to be redrawn to be printed in their two-color finery.

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Rich Magazine

Fashion magazine with a unique sensibility. Rich

Lester Beall

“The way a man lives is  essential to the work he produces.  The two cannot be separated.” – Lester Beall

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DixonBaxi ReFresh

Updates to the always solid design studio of DixonBaxi / Formula 1 Brand Sting / Sony Max Channel Branding to name a few.

Model Citizen Exhibit

For those of you in NYC hope you can check out the third annual Model Citizens NYC which is a 3 day exhibition, open to the public, featuring the work of 50+ designers of furniture, products, ceramics, glass, art objects and jewelry.

Model Citizens NYC
Opening reception: 16 May 2009, 5-7pm
16-18 May 2009
Exit Art
475 10th Avenue
New York, NY 10018 map

NeoMorphus From Animatorio

New Project from the talented group at Animatorio, entitled: NeoMorphus.

Transformation trough mutations stages. Evolution as a function gain is called neo-morphic. Imaginary creatures adapt into an Ecosystem and the transformation of these habitats for these creatures generates a fantastic cycle.

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Brazilians are Hardcore

Every late night spent at every studio I have worked in has been shared with a Brazilian designer. I am not sure where such discipline and rigor comes from, but it’s very much present in their culture. A couple studios from Brazil are showing a new level of saavy design that deserves some attention. Details »



viction:ary is established as an identity to emphasize the strength of collaborative efforts in the area of visual communication. Not only creating more perspectives for those who loves design and visual graphics.

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Hinterland Studio

Hinterland is a New York-based multidisciplinary design studio. We create books, magazines, brochures, identities, packaging, illustrations, and more. We believe that the best work comes from a close collaboration between client and studio. We have a passion for solving design problems and for integrating all project elements—from overall concept to specific detail—to present a unified message.

IYA Studio Launch

IYA collaborates with like-minded clients and agencies to create innovative and well crafted ideas across the fashion, lifestyle and sport sectors.

Tatsuro Horikawa / Julius

“The perfect black is the deepest black.” _TS / featured previously on GH™

Non-Format / David Bowie

Taking inspiration from the notion of Axis Thinking (the brainchild of frequent Bowie collaborator Brian Eno) the design depicts a series of mixers with sliders positioned so as to describe each Bowie album within Non-Format’s own framework of extremes.
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