Catherine Griffiths

While in New Zealand, I had the pleasure of meeting the wonderful Catherine Griffiths, who from my short time there, I can equate to perhaps something akin to an artery, heart, or hub. She was and is a connector, an invigorator and a catalyst. She has just dropped a note to say that she has a new web presence up and by the look of it, is a wonderful update. Using dala floda from commercial type, the site looks smashing. Have a look inside to see her intriguing array of work as well. From writing, to curation, to coordination, to installations, to book design, it seems that all is possible in life.

Hope you all are well. I am sorry for the long disappearance. As the hug has been transforming, it seems I too have been transforming as well. More to come soon again.

UVA Exhibition & New Site Design

Rien a Cacher / Rien a Craindre / 2011
For the opening of UVA’s new exhibition Rien a Cacher / Rien a Craindre on 2 March, la Gaîté lyrique in Paris is transformed into an all-seeing building which seduces and unsettles visitors in a unique way.
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Alex Maclean

Check out some amazing aerial photography by Alex Maclean.

AIGA 50/50

Since 1923 the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) has celebrated excellence in book design with an annual design competition called 50 Books / 50 Covers. Each Spring, the one hundred best book designs of the previous year are chosen from nearly a thousand entries.

50/50 Petition

Haunch of Venison Gallery

Country-Tune-North-black / Hand Pulled 1 Colour Silkscreen / On Somerset Satin White – 300gsm / Limited Edition Of 30 / Signed & Numbered / 76cm x 57cm / Quantity Left: 5

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Franziska Strauss

Franziska Strauss presents her first solo exhibition, Reckoner / I killed my dinner with karate at the gallery from March 5th to April 9th, at the Egbert Baqué Contemporary Art in Berlin.

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Carlo Ratti

Was watching the livestream of the TED Long Beach conference and heard Carlo Ratti speak. Wish I could see his digital water pavillion in person and experience the pavilion’s large display, with text, letters, and interactive patterns. Who doesn’t love typography made out of streams of water. Check out the video.

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Character San Francisco

Character is a design agency based in San Francisco. Partnering with numerous eminent companies, Character helps create, extend and rejuvenate brands.

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Spirits from Spaces of Play

Spirits is an action-puzzle game for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch where you manipulate wind and ground in the game world to guide the Spirits towards the goal.


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Caffeine Nicotine / Issue 1

Faces / Funk / Fame / Fashion. Entitled, Caffeine Nicotine_new magazine shot by John Wright out of London.

Caffeine Nicotine Mag

Per Zennström

Photographer / filmaker, Per Zennstrom_

Experimental stillife in a MKK advertising campaign, shot in a light & colorful manner Digitally manipulated stillifes of aluminum foil with strong colors.

-per zennstrom

Kirsten Hassenfeld

Just came across some fascinating installations by Kirsten Hassenfeld.

Todd Mclellan

Todd Mclellan has been creating compelling images ever since his days in kindergarten fingerpainting class. Although the concept of exploded or deconstructed objects projected in freeze-frame isn’t necessarily original per se, I’ve never quite seen the concept so delicately executed as seen in his most recent works. Look see.

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