Huy Vu is currently finishing up his degree at RISD. weeboo.org

Paul Lee is a designer from Los Angeles, CA. designbymap.com

Grant Dickson is currently a designer in London. nothingdiluted.com

Jay Wilkinson is a designer in San Francisco. thenorthernfront.com

Sunjin Kim is currently a designer in San Francisco. happyfresh.com

Hideki Owa is currently a designer in San Francisco. hidekiowa.com

Nathan Eames is a designer in New York City. nathan-eames.com – I’ve been meaning to do this but have not yet done so. Apologies. But I will try to make it a habit from this point on. Been meaning to welcome the new folks that join GraphicHug here and there. GraphicHug is really hug happy to have Huy Vu, Paul Lee, Grant Dickson, Jay Wilkinson, Sunjin Kim, Hideki Owa, and Nathan Eames joining us. Thanks yous. Welcome. Group hug. Thanks.

Robert Samuel Hanson

Bumped into this yesterday and found some pleasure in these illustrations and typography. Thought I would share it with you all. Very nice drawings and restrained and elegant illustrative work. Nice work from Robert Samuel Hanson. awesome bugs / awesome owls.

Look at this awesome animal counter type:

Look at this awesome running tree!:

Great stuff overall:

Jun Takahashi

Jun Takahashi Collage book

Jun Takahashi Collage book

Jun Takahashi Illustration

Jun Takahashi Sculpture

Jun Takahashi Fashion (Undercover)

Undercover Studio I first encountered Jun Takahashi’s work in a fashion magazine back in 2004. His line, Undercover, was raw and visceral with this strange underpinning of elegance. After researching him further I came to the realization that he was far more than just a fashion designer; he was a creative individual ready to work in any manner that struck him. His sketchbooks and process boards for the Undercover line are incredible art pieces in and of themselves – one could curate an entire show based on his process studies. His guest editor work for Cream Publications and A Magazine are eclectic collections of illustration, design, sculpture, paintings and even furniture design. In an industry where originality can succumb to profit margins and gossip, its good to see a designer taking risks and opening up his creative thought process to his audience.

The Mill

visual effects company established in london, new york and los angleles. the-mill.com

Otl Aicher

A recent acquaintance of mine, the honorable Mr. Jory Hull just purchased and received one of these bad boys. He actually purchased the one above. This is all part of some piece of work, the branding of the 1972 Münich Olympics, designed by a team under the guidance of the legendary Otl Aicher. I’ve seen these prints and several others going about recently with the flood of Olympic good times and good feelings. It was great to see this in the flesh. This reminds me of the exchange that LA and I had discussed before, about the fall from grace athletics and graphic design have had. Or actually, it further cemented just how far things have strayed. How far things have fallen. How far things have gone. Just imagine lighting a cigarette with one of these:

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This Ain’t No Disco

Ever wanted to know how creative design agencies are from the inside? Ain’t No Disco is a portfolio of agency interiors around the world.

Fly Guy

Simply classic.

After so many years, I still enjoy a bit of Fly Guy now and again. Artwork by Trevor Van Meter over at tvm_studio.

Saville Parris Wakefield

And some just plain good stuff.

Yesterday’s post on the Neu Alphabet lead me in the direction of Saville & Associates. A direction I had not been for quite some time and lo and behold, what is at the end of the pirate chest? A new site? A new name? How long has it been since I have been to this site? Anyways, to my pleasant surprise there is a nice little oomph oomph of new work. And as usual, impeccable. I think something can be said that even through the years, and even though as with most folks, I’m not sure how much design takes place at his hands anymore, the aura still exists.

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1st Avenue Machine

a production outfit and visual design collective in nyc.


Homage or Fromage V.1

Mimmo Rotella was an italian artist who worked primarily in collage and decollage. Rotella would take torn advertisements from the streets of Rome and continue to recompose them through a careful process of reduction. This technique produced wonderful results and his work is instantly inspirational for anyone remotely interested in typography.

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David Quay Design

Just recently stumbled upon this the other day. I recognized the name and it all came together as I dug deeper into the site. David Quay is from The Foundry, the type foundry responsible for the digitalization of some of Wim Crouwel’s hand drawn typefaces. It was under his direction that the whole project took off in the first place. He and The Foundry are also responsible for the generation of many a display face “archetypal” of some of the early pioneers of graphic design of this century.

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Andrew Kuo

I was humbled by Andrew Kuo’s interview with Charlie Rose. His work is incredible. Check out his blog.