Yas Hotel


Quite an amazing hotel opened in November in Abu Dhabi. The exterior surface is made up of 5,800 pivoting diamond-shaped steel panels containing almost 5,000 LED fixtures. By day this outer “skin” reflects the sky and its surroundings, and by night displays video feeds that appear over the entire surface of the building. Not to mention the Formula1 Curcuit race track running through it.

Happy Friday – Grijs


Happy Friday all. Have revisited this blog for the first time in a while and it remains to this day, one of the most beautiful blogs I have ever seen. From the setup, to the carefully selected images to even the sporadic writing. I love it. In all capacity. Thought I’d share with you all some beauty on friday. Enjoy grijs. Hugs.

Classic Characters


An interesting collection of classic cinema characters – out of their normal context. Its amazing how easily recognizable they still are with just one little detail. Photographs by Bradley Patrick, Sara Dunn, Keith Bernstein, Adrian Green and Robert Gallagher.

Those Damn Snooty Designers


I recently ran across a (not so recent) article on Forbes about CrowdSpring, another “design contest” site where companies submit projects and designers across the globe send submissions in hopes of being selected. Compensation ranges drastically, and is not even guaranteed in some cases. These types of sites are nothing new, but the Forbes article put a rather malicious spin on it, essentially declaring that all it takes to be a designer is a computer and the right software. The article is definitely worth the read. I’m curious to know how people feel about these “design contest” sites, and their effect on the industry.

Meet the Unofficial London Logo…


Looks like the unofficial London logo has been given some life! The ID work V3 has done has gone into production and helping out some folks who need a little lift.

Here’s a brief excerpt describing this birth:
It began as a pitch to create a brand for London but it didn’t get chosen. We kind of liked it, so we posted it on our website. Since then we’ve had a lot of response. With the positive outweighing the negative we decided to get it out there as a brand for the people of London, and to try and do some good while we’re at it.

Meet the Unofficial London Logo. Starting with t-shirts, then the world!

Half of all proceeds go to charity. Get involved.

Available at  www.madeinlondon.co.uk, blanka, design museum and magma

Alex Witjas Is A Witch!


Fun, cheeky, a bit racy, and smart graphic design from recent Prattster Alex Witjas. I am thoroughly excited by the work coming out of there. Keep it up brave young ones!

Design Process Disguised As TV


Watched an episode of NBC’s Park and Recreation last week that centered on a design competition to replace the politically incorrect (but historically correct) city hall mural. It’s actually a fantastic critique on the absurdity of design by committee. Worth a watch.




Some really beautiful work coming from The MVM. There seems to be a few intersecting paths here. But I ran into their work while doing some searching on the record label, Rune Grammofon. Their work for the Last Record Company is pretty stunning. Magnus Voll Mathiassen.



A beautiful site designed by an old friend, AN3A, truly love how clean and lean it is. Beautiful retouching work too. Have a look see when you get a chance!

Magic Highway

Picture 3

Magic Highway Cinemix from SaintYves on Vimeo.

A really wonderful excerpt from the 1958 Disneyland TV Show episode entitled Magic Highway USA. In this last part of the show, an exploration into possible future Transportation technologies is made. Its is pretty hard to believe the difference in attitude toward the future of transportation now compared to when this video was made. This is an artifact from a time where the future was greeted with optimism. I want to live in this world.

Jim Carrey…


Okay, this is probably the most random post in a while but I am somehow intrigued. Never before have we posted a website for a celebrity before, but this, is truly something else. I don’t know what this says about Jim Carrey, or what he is trying to convey, or the person who created this, but this is something to be commended. In a truly bizarre way, this site is pretty amazing. Well worth a look see and some heavy downloads if you have absolutely nothing to do today. Truly amazing. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Jim Carrey.

Happy Friday


Not that we are into client bashing here at Graphic Hug, but there has been a lot of discussion regarding the role of client and the difference in work produced depending on the intensity of the client (or lack there of). If you are frustrated at work, hopefully you can take solace in some of the stories on this Tumblr page. Happy Friday!

The Ford Foundation Building


Had the pleasure of visiting this building the other day. It is truly spectacular and worth a visit if you are ever in New York. The Ford Foundation building is a shining star of Modernism, with a hint of green and even more, a nod towards a little life and breathing room. Hereís a nice write up from Metropolis Magazine forwarded to me by Anh Tuan. Have a look see. Amazing.