What Is A Print?

My teacher showed me this pretty neat little interactive site he worked on for MoMA. A great example of animated info design, but also a totally decent primer for any graphic designers out there curious about all those charmingly archaic printmaking techniques. I mean archaic in totally the best sense of the word.

M/M New York _ Seen

James and I had a chance to go visit the M/M Paris exhibition over the weekend. James did a post about it a few weeks ago. Overall, I must say, a pretty interesting set-up. Not what I was expecting at all actually. But perhaps this is the delight in it. I do not wish to give away much but it is an interesting re-thinking it seems of the way they typically interpret media/medium. It is worth a visit if you happen to be walking around SOHO one of these fine december days. And do visit the drawing room while you are at it too. A pretty nice set-up they have going there across the street.

Shake Shack

The Shake Shacks’ got a brand new bag. I first heard of this burger stand in a design pub for their use of a typeface. When I was in the city, I made it a point to stop by. I wasn’t sorry. Best burger I’ve ever had in the city. Now they’ve opened-up shop on the Upper West Side and they’ll soon have a new site. Download the PDF menu, it’s designed nicely.

hug_project 02

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The Typographic Desk Reference

A new book for all you type lovers out there. The Typographic Desk Reference is a quick reference guide of typographic terms and classification with definitions of form and usage for Latin based writing systems. Many great facts and tidbits sure to please the typographic eye and brain (did I really just say that?) Written and designed by Theodore Rosendorf the guide includes a foreword by Ellen Lupton, author of the book Thinking with Type: A Critical Guide for Designers, Writers, Editors, & Students. TDR is not available until January 2009 but you can pre-order a copy from Oak Knoll.

Calfee Design; Bamboo Bicycle

I was really impressed with this article and decided it was worth branching out a little from our usual grind here at Graphic Hug. The Bamboo Bike is a project led by California-based Calfee Design. The idea is to teach people in developing parts of the world (Ghana) to build bicycles out of locally sourced bamboo. The idea is simple enough, and the results seem promising. There is a really interesting article in this months Economist as well as on the Calfee Design site.

Grafisches Büro

not so new, but still… some very good examples of nicely applied typography from grafisches büro, namely günter eder and roman breier. i think it’s quite interesting too see their slightly customized versions of well-known typefaces or how they establish interaction between typo- and photography. their portfolio is comprehensive and well worth a visit.

The Grid System

Mr. Carusone informs us of the launch of a great respository for all things grid. The Grid System. Thank you for this. I’m happy to see this and happy to further see it grow. It is a lovely site. Keep checking back for updates!

O.O.P.S. / Paul Sahre

O.O.P.S. (Office of Paul Sahre) Some genuine nuggets found within the work of NY design veteran and educator, Paul Sahre. The amount of humor found within his work is perfect. A little dry, a little dirty, and somewhat understated. I found the “Regrets” area of his site particularly interesting and entertaining. In it, he highlights the most regrettable professional decisions, general flukes, and published typos he’s made thus far in his career. I’m a fan. The bookcover above was recently featured on Joseph Sullivan’s My Favorite Book Covers of 2008 list.

Von B und C

Easy to skim through Von B und C if you don’t know German, but Barbara Hahn (B) and Christine Zimmermann (C) have some really nice information design worth looking at. And if you are as unfortunate as me to not know German, try using Google Translate.

Lebbeus Woods

It has been quite some time since I have seen this work. And it pleases me to run into this again and see this man still rocking it. Lebbeus Woods. Have been a big fan of his formal experimental work since I was in school and it still holds up very well to this day. I think what is very interesting is just the power, the graphic power that these sculptures possess. It reminds me of some of the early proun sculptural studies of El Lissitzky but with, let us say, some slight amplification. Regardless, still very rocking to this day, I envy the career and life of this man. Perhaps someday. Someday. We shall see. Nevertheless, enjoy and have a great week. “I have a clear grasp of what it is that I want to achieve, though I am still searching for the best realization of ideas that have driven me all along.”


I’m kicking myself for not visiting this adorable little outlet when I was in Berlin (even though it was sometime ago) and fellow-brit fans of the Muji stores will simply love these. However, for the sake of the other GH contributors, of whom I’m aware there are many now – if you’re ever lucky enough to visit (or in fact you live in) this wonderful city and decide you need a break from gorging on sausage and sower crout then fly on by The manufactum Shop and slaver over it’s collection of beautifully hand-crafted items. The web site will give you an idea – head straight for the buro (office) section and load up the smartly designed stationery items and timeless paper stocks.


Formerly known as The Action Cats, or Goodby, Silverstein & Partner’s team of in house designers and animators, Autofuss have split off from the big agency and set up a nice new studio 7000 ft² in Potrero Hill, over half of which is dedicated just for shooting. Although they just launched, they have made themselves known on several occasions and have been indirectly involved in several other interesting projects. Their entry for Adobe’s “See What’s Possible” Challenge was definitely a head turner. They also concepted for an Adobe mural installation eventually carried out by Brand New School. It’ll be exciting to see what these talented guys churn out in the coming future.