Roll & Hill

Also from the Partners & Spade book, this logo done for lighting company Roll & Hill, is simply blessed. Love it. Looks like the Roll & Hill site is still under development, but it is an interesting way to show the work.

Partners & Spade

A lovely new site for Partners & Spade done by our good buddy Tom, at the Scout. Have a look see. Good work!

FontShop + WebFonts

Looks like FontShop is getting in on the WebFonts service front. This is good stuff. We’ve been extremely happy with our use of the Typotheque service. It’s great to see another foundry setting this up.

The Little Tree

I was going through my old Print Magazines and came across this ad for those little tree car air-fresheners. It’s such an iconic shape…It never crossed my mind that it could be privately owned property. I’ve never seen a company go to this extent to make sure people aren’t using their trademark. *My apologies for posting unsightly images*

There Where – Jin Jung

Some interesting work coming from Jin Jung at There Where. Have a look see!

It’s More Than Fashion.

An in-depth interview on Scoute with Julius designer, Tatsuro Horikawa. It is not too often that a “fashion” designer mentions Moebius, Burroughs and Beuys as inspiration. Nice read.

Dah Yee Noh

Some nice work coming out of Korea. In the next few months I’m hoping to do some more investigative research and find some folks working in Korea and abroad. So stay tuned, stay tuned. In the meantime, have a look at the work from SVA grad now living in Seoul, Dah Yee Noh.


We’ve covered them before and now it looks like they have a spanking new website filled with quite amazing works. Have a look see at the output of studio Julia when you get a chance. Amazingly nice.

Joan Miró

Randomly ran into this nice microsite for a past MoMA exhibition of the work of Joan Mir&oacute. The interactive experience is well done and I ran into these extremely beautiful collages. Pretty stunning. Have a look see for yourself.

MakePretend Interview

The wonderful collab duo of Anna Arbuckle and Nate Turner have launched their first in what looks to be an awesome series of interviews. Stay tuned for more and have a look see when time permits! The first is an exchange between Photographer KT Auleta and the founder of clothing label VPL, Victoria Bartlett.

Lecture — Sulki & Min / More & Less

Sulki & Min / More & Less

Spring 2010
Design Lecture Series
Graduate Communication Design
Pratt Institute

February 12, 5:30 PM
Pratt Manhattan
144 W 14th St, New York, NY
Room 213

Free Admission
Open to the Public

Joel Holmberg

backlit cucumber with search result for "backlit cucumber"

backlit cucumber with search result for “backlit cucumber”

“… creates artwork with computers and online services, but also sometimes with his bare hands” and his web site is amazingly fun to browse.


Page is a unique and interesting magazine put out by the talented folks at Face. They boast quite an impressive and entertaining portfolio and maintain a young, energetic feel throughout a lot of their work.