Fujimoto Architecture

One of the things I noticed most in my visit to Tokyo was their fantastic use of concrete in both residences and business structures. It was just so perfect and simple. Here is another sample.

Thread & Water

Some tshirts designed to help over at Thread & Water. Our good friend Mr. Ness has designed this one above which I find particularly well done. Head on over and purchase some shirts to help with some clean drinking water in Haiti.

The Houses Of Parliament

Parliament, a graphic design and marketing company in Portland, Oregon have just moved into a new office comprised of an array of decorative features made from salvaged and reclaimed materials – possibly making theirs the most happening studio environment to be working in right now.

Prints For Haiti

Mr Bingo — Friendly humans of this planet we live on, I urge you to please put your hands into your pockets and purchase one, or two (or ten?) of these beautiful Mr Bingo hand silkscreened signed prints. Choose either the Cat or Sheep or both!
We’ve ordered ours, get yours here, all proceeds go to UNICEF’s Haiti Earthquake Children’s Appeal.

GraphicHug™ Sightings: Seoul

subway mural

cigarette packaging

map of ehwa university

design cube in icn

love them dishwashing gloves

We love camera phones.
We love graphic design.
We love to hug.
We hug graphic design with our camera phones.

The first of an on-going series of GraphicHugs from around the world. Happy Hump Day everyone.

Reality tv logos


Since there seems to be a never ending increase in reality TV shows I thought it would be fun to do a little research on their logos. So, which one do you guys want to vote off?


Colourmono is the current exhibition at the electricbluegallery, featuring the works of both Anthony Burhill &Rowan Mersh. Worth a look.

Quote of the Day – Round One

“The buying of time or space is not the taking out of a hunting license on someone else’s private preserve but is the renting of a stage on which we may perform.”
– Howard Luck Gossage

The Fingerist

One of the many gems featured on the CES show floor this year in Vegas – introducing the dubiously named ‘Fingerist’. A music adapter for iPod and iPhone touch that lets you strum out like the best of them. Created by small Japanese company Evenno, the fingerist can be plugged into an amp, or played off its own speaker which runs off AA batteries. Who needs guitar hero right? Yet I’m still undecided if this is teetering on genius or, well, something else. Check it out.

Art Of The Trench

Art of the Trench is Burberry’s newest creative social initiative that capitalizes on the entertaining past time of online voyeurism  made popular by fashion street photographer, Scott Schuman of the Sartorialist. The site combines “man on the street” candidness with user submitted photographs in the same style, all celebrating the Trench. Burberry has done a fabulous job of tapping into the earned space of street capture photography, and augments the site with tools for easy circulation and engagement among their audience.


It’s been a cold old week here in the UK with temperatures below -19C, that’s cold for us guys! The image of the week has to be this NASA satellite image taken yesterday at 11.15am.

Lady Gaga x Polaroid

*Po-po-polaroid* has just announced their new collaboration with Lady Gaga…and now she’s the creative director and inventor of specialty products! Polaroid’s in for a wild ride. Can’t wait to see how this partnership turns out…should be interesting.



Some very intriguing imagery from Mr. Sergio Calderon aka 3rdm. A little triangle worship here, but that is forgiven by his studies of the circle.