An interesting and creative project, looks like it would be fun to play with. Check out the site and video here

Alexander Girard Reborn


I was doing some shopping and was surprised when I came across some new Alexander Girard pillows over at Urban Outfitters. I’ve always been curious about how an artist/designer’s work is preserved and used when he/she passes away. Girard was not much of a self promoter and his work at Herman Miller and elsewhere was targeted to the exclusive contract world/interior designers and was rarely available to the direct public. If he’s looking down on us from heaven, do you think he’d be happy to see his work appear in Urban Outfitters?

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Helmut Hug


helmut schmidt / fire up the archive

Rickenbacker Guitar Factory Tour


Head on over to notcot and check out photos of some amazing Rickenbacker guitar craftsmanship.

Galya Kay


Some really nice motion typographic work coming from this lady. It is a rarity these days to see some motion with some nicely placed typography as well as a real sense of the handmade. Have a look see when you get a chance. Ms. Galya Kay.

Emily CM Anderson


Some nice work from here.

Damien Correll


Some nice work coming from this guy.

Simplexity of design

It recently occurred to me that we’ve scarcely covered any forms of design on the radio or podcasts here on GH. Little more of the source is known, apart from being the ‘Thoughts and Discoveries of an emerging designer’, but this on-going series of podcasts entitled ‘Simplexity of Design’ raises some valid points about the graphic design industry and provides some in-depth information on traditional areas such as research and theory, in contrast to more recently highlighted subjects such as design service commodification and the phenomenon of crowdsourcing. It’s certainly worth a quick listen whenever you find the time. You can subscribe to the RRS feeds here.



Not sure what is going on here. I think this is a design firm. Or is it an exhibition space? Does anyone know? It is a pretty sweet site with nothing on it but some nifty quicktime VR and nice sounds. Have a look see.

Mizrahi designs cheesecake


Designer cheesecake anyone? yum.



It is not often we are mentioning any interactive efforts here. Here’s a nice little site from Umbro for the new England football jersey.



Rather mysterious site making use of some fanciful typography to poke a bit of fun at hipster central. It is funny how yet again, the triangle has made it in here. Anyways, have a look see when you get a chance.

Italian Vogue’s Twitter Cover


This month’s Italian Vogue Cover is devoted to people’s insane love for Twitter. It’s pretty crazy how Twitter has blown up. I can’t go a day without hearing the word Twitter a few times.

The magazine is also said to feature editorial of models snapping their own racy, photographs via Twitpic. The interior spreads also include photos from Steven Meisel. The fashion photos are all framed by the recognizable and iconic style of photo-sharing sites and even includes short status updates.