Franziska Strauss

Franziska Strauss presents her first solo exhibition, Reckoner / I killed my dinner with karate at the gallery from March 5th to April 9th, at the Egbert Baqué Contemporary Art in Berlin.

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Shinya Kimura

This short video is unbelievably amazing for anyone who hasn’t ridden a motorcycle and wants to know what it feels like. It is filed by director Henrik Hansen and his team in 2010. Love the audio and filming of this. Hope to see more!

Design By The Masses

Interesting quick read about a software that allows multiple folks to “design” a set of given objects. Or to make them better.

This goes along with many of our previous crowd-sourcing debates and the end of our professions. And many of you may disagree with such a thing. But this got me thinking. It might be kind of neat to have some kind of way to simultaneously work on a file. If I had say, InDesign open and I could simultaneously work on a file with a trusted designer friend, it just may yield some pretty rewarding results. Perhaps this already exists in some capacity? I know that screensharing may facilitate such a thing. But I wonder if somebody were to take that experience one step further and create a truly multi-designer interface that would allow for two or more people to truly create something inconceivable by one person?

Anyways, just some random thoughts. Have a read as time permits.

The International Office / Updates

I randomly ran into this today. Was unaware but one of my favorites, the awesome folks over at The International Office, in Wellington, NZ, have updated their site with some new goodies. Had the pleasure of meeting these folks while conducting the Friendship Chronicles (which I need to finish, do not remind me), and have to say, they were amazing folks and also amazing talents. Will always remember this.

Have a look see as time permits at some truly amazing work. I do not even know how to put their work. Neo-modernism with a bit of personality? It’s so clean yet I feel like I could tell it was done by them. Regardless. Enjoy.

Bae Byung Woo / Bae Bien – U

Okay, not sure how this works exactly. So in a previous post, I asked if somebody knew of the official site of Korean photographer Bae Byung-Woo. And a nice person by the name of Hsin Yin Low sent me the official site. However his name is different here. Bae Bien-U? Not sure how it works. Regardless, here is a nice repository of more of his works. The only thing that I am missing from this site are some of those more gritty pictures of age that were captivitating in the first post. Regardless. Enjoy!

Yes Yes Y’all + Channel Y

What already was an amazing and amazingly curated music blog has now become even better. Sitting conveniently in a unique position among web experiences, this is now a place for some comfortably curated viewing and listening pleasures. From some pretty exquisite tastes at that. I love all the little typographic details as well. Alot of heart and care has gone into this. So as time permits, or as your interactive experiences permit, have a look at the new YYY. Yes Yes Y’all!

Underworld / Album Launch


They Don’t Make ‘Em Like They Used To

Just as every music enthusiast will occasionally toss the iPod or CD collection to one side, pull his or her vinyl collection out of the dusty box, and lie there listening to the nostalgic scratch of some long-forgotten classics – you can imagine my enthusiasm on recently discovering a series of interviews with my first memory wave of design celebrities or ‘rock stars’ from the 80’s and 90’s on Debbie Millman’s ‘Design Matters’ podcasts. If you were a student in either of these eras (which I imagine many of our readers where), then these come highly recommended (Chris was kind enough to cover some of this subject a while back). Brody, Saville, Fella, Carson, Glaser and Curtis are just to name but a few. This morning it was a cross-atlantic call with Vaughan Oliver, with notable mention of the much under-mentioned Chris Bigg. For those who aren’t over familiar, Oliver was thrust into the design limelight back in the late 70’s for his openly self-indulgent and somewhat rebellious artwork for the record label 4AD.

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Shinkansen ver.2 | Daihei Shibata

This came link came from my friend Hideki. I love this video by Daihei Shibata. Nice1.

Jonathan Gatlin

I’m genuinely intrigued. Tell me you’re not…?

Introducing Erik

Lets begin this editorial column with a simple observation about a simple practice… sketching. No one does it anymore! That initial spark of an idea that once yielded a creative union of flesh to No. 2 has now moved onto plastic and glass.

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Letterpress At Home | LifeStyleCrafts

I don’t want it to seem like I’m pushing a product, but if you want to do letterpress on the cheap at home or your studio then LifeStyleCrafts has a pretty nice solution. You can even get custom plates made! I’ve seen some samples and they actually look pretty darn good. Nice1.

Apollo 11 Saturn V Launch (HD)

This has to be the most amazing footage I’ve seen in a long time. It is an HD transfer from a 16mm original of a launch of a Saturn V rocket. Thanks for the link Olivier. :D