Polish Hipopotamus

Ever wondered what a polish hippo would look like? Feast your eyes. For me this is best described as maelstrom of sensory overload, but made for fun and with love. Afraid? So you should be.

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The portfolio of Eps51 epitomizes the offspring of a multi-culturally informed design sensibility with impeccable conceptual flair. Details »

Rich Magazine

Fashion magazine with a unique sensibility. Rich

IYA Studio Launch

IYA collaborates with like-minded clients and agencies to create innovative and well crafted ideas across the fashion, lifestyle and sport sectors.

Tatsuro Horikawa / Julius

“The perfect black is the deepest black.” _TS / featured previously on GH™

Colin Snow

Young graphic designer, who resides in LA. Keep your eyes on this fella. Solid work Mr. Snow / hug1.

Building Fashion At HL23

Watson & Company set up temporary installations under the High Line at HL23 for Building Fashion. Building Fashion pairs fashion designers with architects in an installation series exploring the intersection of architecture & fashion through integrated store and exhibition design.

UVA Exhibition & New Site Design

Rien a Cacher / Rien a Craindre / 2011
For the opening of UVA’s new exhibition Rien a Cacher / Rien a Craindre on 2 March, la Gaîté lyrique in Paris is transformed into an all-seeing building which seduces and unsettles visitors in a unique way.
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Per Zennström

Photographer / filmaker, Per Zennstrom_

Experimental stillife in a MKK advertising campaign, shot in a light & colorful manner Digitally manipulated stillifes of aluminum foil with strong colors.

-per zennstrom

Alexander Brown

Music Video Director Alexander Brown / brownboy has delivered a beautiful video for James Blake and a few others. Brown is a solid director to keep your eyes on.

Kate Moss 3-D

Too. Beautiful. Not. To. Share. Enjoy.

Martin & Nice

michael martin behind mash & nice collective have set up a new impressive line.
check it when you get a chance / martin clothing

This Heart Is On Fire

underneath from above