Chicken Pistachio Curry/Tomato Meatball Stew + Refried Cheese Rice and a Mac & Cheese Pancake


I may be the total last person in the world to see this. But while looking up something to order on the typically dependable site, I just noticed, they have done an overhaul and I must say, what a nice overhaul it is indeed. Pretty nice type, everything is just cleaner and more streamlined and I still get to do myself a great service and order some of New York’s finest and un-finest. Have a look see if you have not done so already.

New President, New Website!


Macon Phillips is doing a good job. Maybe America’s design literacy will increase? Is that asking too much? Anyways, nice1. Happy Wednesday everyone. Hump day!

Found Image Sites


A few weeks back Michael Paul Young launched Buamai with a few friends. The concept is not new, but ever since FFFFound hit the scene there are more and more found image sites. It’s interesting to see the subtle differences in format as well as the different curatorial attitudes.

We Run the Game is curated by Harsh Patel, Sun An, my new favorite photographer Jin Joo Hwang, as well as a few others.

As Found has been doing their thing for quite sometime. It’s a collection started by Thomas Eberwein and Marc Kremers, (The Digital Club.) They have interesting, witty, and cheeky collections. These guys have been prowling the internet since it first came out of Al Gore’s ass.

SectionSeven Inc.


Really nice site from SectionSeven based out of Seattle! They classify themselves as a small creative design firm with the passion of interactive and static forms. Both of which I found visually entertaining and creative.

James Stone Is MimeArtist

mimeArtist Hands

James Stone is mimeArtist, Interaction Designer. His portfolio of work is a favorite of mine.

Cengiz Bodur

Cengiz Bodur is German illustrator and graphic designer. I’m appreciating his thorough investigation of forms. Check him out.


That CRW site got me thinking about an old site that I had not been to in a while. Actually, this is quite possibly one of my favorite sites of all time. It is an oldy but definitely a goody. A site that holds up so well even to this day. I love all the details and the extreme subtlety here. If you do not pay attention you’ll miss some of these oh so lovely moments. Do not blink! But yeah, I am not sure what has happened to the Phantom:researchfoundation but I wish for them to return at some point and make us all happy again. Do not move your mouse for a bit and see what kind of lovely things may happen. Really a brilliant site.

Corporate Risk Watch

Okay, I have no idea what this site is about. And it has been a long time since we have posted a website just as is. So here is a rather lovely site about what? Well, I am not quite sure. Here are a few quotes from their site: CRW’s objective is to positively contribute to the creation of a transparent, ethically sound business environment. Particular emphasis is put on quality and reliability of the information provided and on building a business relationship with clients based on confidentiality and trust. CRW offers personalised solutions in timely and cost effective manner meeting the highest quality and ethical standards. Yes, Johnny 5 does not compute. No disassemble! No disassemble! Anyways have a quick gander if you got some time as I think it really is a lovely execution for a simple site about what?


Bubble is a visual agency based in Manchester, UK. They specialise (but are not restricted to) motion graphics and interactive media. They grabbed a silver Roses Award last month for in the ‘Best Visual Design in a Digital Medium’ category. They’re also a really sound bunch of players.

The art of the title sequence Nice resource.


made of directors alexei tylevich & ben conrad. los angeles california duo. solid.

The Girl Effect

Typography + piano + a powerful message. And the website is worth a look as well. (And it’s Flash!) Some nice, straightforward, un-pretentious design for a good cause.

Chanel Meets Zaha in Central Park

Zaha and Chanel's latest collaboration in Central Park.

Mobile Art scouting shot taken in Central Park on Saturday, Oct. 11

Fan or no fan of Zaha, you can’t help but show interest in what her team is cooking up. Having traveled through Hong Kong and Tokyo, Zaha’s latest collaboration with Chanel, Mobile Art, is now temporarily setting up shop in our own backyard. Central Park will be hosting Mobile Art from October 12 – November 9th. Check out this latest blobitecture that houses exhibits by 20 international contemporary artists inspired by–I mean paid to be inspired by–Chanel’s quilted trademark bag: I wonder if I’ll like the website more than the actual architecture. I guess I’ll have to wait a few more weeks to find out…