Designing More With Less

For those of you who are in NYC, check out this MUJI and IDEO event, Designing More With Less. Wednesday, June 08, 2011 from 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM @ The Cooper Union.

In this panel session, we will explore how consumption of all forms – from media to food – has become a political act.  Consumers are thinking more and more about the morality of their choices.  Conspicuous consumption has given way to conscience consumption.  As designers, we realize the opportunities to create actions, initiatives, movements, and vessels for positive impact.  MUJI has long been a believer in creating impact through less. Over the course of this discussion, we will ask and seek to answer, “How can we design more with less?”

The Khatt Foundation

The Khatt Foundation, Center for Arabic Typography is a cultural foundation dedicated to advancing design research and typography in the Middle East, North Africa and their diaspora, and to building cross-cultural creative networks. As an online creative network they connect designers and visual artists, provide information about various resources, projects, news and events.

Wim Crouwel A Graphic Odyssey

March 30-July 03 2011

The Design Museum celebrates the prolific career of the Dutch graphic designer Wim Crouwel in this, his first UK retrospective. Regarded as one of the leading designers of the twentieth century, Crouwel embraced a new modernity to produce typographic designs that captured the essence of the emerging computer and space age of the early 1960s.

Jealous Studio

Jealous Gallery and Print Studio are dealers and publishers of limited edition prints. With a changing program of exhibitions, featuring prints by established artists from varied schools, movements and styles, we cover everything from 20th Century American Pop to Contemporary and Urban art.

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Building Fashion At HL23

Watson & Company set up temporary installations under the High Line at HL23 for Building Fashion. Building Fashion pairs fashion designers with architects in an installation series exploring the intersection of architecture & fashion through integrated store and exhibition design.

For Japan

In the wake of Japan’s devastating tsunami, artists and studios have stepped it up to help the relief efforts going on over seas. Support them and their cause.

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Danny Clinch debut At SXSW

Live at Preservation Hall: Louisiana Fairytale, A Film by Danny Clinch.

For fifty years the Preservation Hall Jazz Band has played to keep the traditions of New Orleans jazz alive, both at home and on tour around the world. Along the way, they have brought in collaborators of all musical stripes to play, honor, and reinterpret America’s first true art form.

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UVA Exhibition & New Site Design

Rien a Cacher / Rien a Craindre / 2011
For the opening of UVA’s new exhibition Rien a Cacher / Rien a Craindre on 2 March, la Gaîté lyrique in Paris is transformed into an all-seeing building which seduces and unsettles visitors in a unique way.
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Franziska Strauss

Franziska Strauss presents her first solo exhibition, Reckoner / I killed my dinner with karate at the gallery from March 5th to April 9th, at the Egbert Baqué Contemporary Art in Berlin.

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Occupy / Greg Eason

3 new prints from Greg Eason available at Occupy.

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Stefan Sagmeister In Paris

For those of you in Paris, or happen to be in town, mark next Thursday, the 16th of December. Stefan Sagmeister will participate in a debate/conference at the Centre Georges Pompidou. He will speak about the “job” of the designer and how graphic design can bring happiness to the masses. He will also be sharing some recent work, (check the updates on his site as well). This event is free and starts a 7pm. More info on the Centre Pompidou’s website!

John Pawson

John Pawson in conversation with Alain de Botton from Design Museum on Vimeo.

Despite the current exhibition ‘Plain Space’ at London’s Design Museum having already received considerable coverage (we are now 2 months into it after all), I thought it only right that the über modernist and inflexible perfectionist, British architect John Pawson get a brief mention this week here on GraphicHug (who’s eldest son managed the 2010 Mercury Prize-winning band, The XX). In conversation with Alain de Botton, cultural commentator and philosopher, Pawson speaks about the exhibition, previous projects and his minimalist approach.

After being instrumental in the closure of the family clothing business after school, John Pawson dabbled in Zen Buddhism before moving into his self-education to become an architect. It wasn’t until the mid 1990’s (when John was already making steady progress along his chosen career path) that he landed his first big break from Calvin Klein, and subsequently ended up designing the Calvin Klein store in New York in 1995.

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Graphic Design on the Radio

It’s been a while but recently started tuning into some updates at Graphic Design on the Radio. Grez, mentioned this a little while back. And its nice to see this still up and going and thriving. I link to this today for no other reason then to say it never fails to provide a bit of hope and a bit of warm feelings on any winter day for any struggling designer just trying to figure things out. Have a listen!