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Ezekiel Honig & SuperDraw


On Saturday evening, went and saw a dual performance from musician Ezekiel Honig and visual artist Joshua Ott/SuperDraw. It was awesome. Pretty inspiring. Reminded me of some good times back in Germany. It got me thinking again about this relationship between designers and musicians again. And how if we do not step up now and start to rethink this experience, we are in the process now of currently losing something very special. Anyways, the whole point of this post was to talk about the show. I thought it was an awesome collaboration. The visuals were mesmerizing and the audio, as usual, was breathlessly atmospheric. I think there is something about these occasional good matches that really tugs at the heart strings.

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John Fan


Is doing some nice motion work.. check it as you have a moment!

Maxim Zhestkov


mad maxim

Graphik Boutique


Ben and company have launched a new spot! Check it out here.

LA Hall


Holy frijoles. Creeping in my inbox last night, I see that Mr. Hall, has updated. And a nice update indeed. Seems he has been busy the last few years. Keep on keeping on. Nice1.



While doing some research on interactive installations, I found this crew from Lyon, France. Really inspiring work. As some folks might say, these guys are killing it. Straight killing it. A pretty fascinating hybrid of graphic design and a truly multiple choice answer of all of the above, I really admire their ability to not be discipline bound. Alas, another goal, I hope to one day keep for myself. No more boundaries. No more disciplines. But perhaps I am dreaming. Nevertheless. Have a look see. Some really amazing work. Give it up for Trafik.



Our own Clara Sims informs us of a new studio sheís opened up in Seattle. HIGHLIGHTER. Looks like they are up to some smashing work. If anybody needs some services give íem a ring. Check it out when you can!

IAAH Version 7


The always amazing and always hungry, Ness Higson has informed us of a launch, version 7 to be exact of his online presence. This is pretty ridiculous amount of fine crafted and cared for work. I also greatly enjoy the experience of the site. Following a linear narrative one can also, at any point break that sequence when necessary. Both functional and telling, in a sea of functional work sites, it was nice to see this approach. Here’s an excerpt from Ness:

An explanation in brief.
We find ourselves living in exciting times. We are currently in the midst of what feels to be a technological revolution of sorts. A time we have been calling 2.0, soon to be 3.
As this particular medium has matured, the excitement and experimentation seems to have diminished, and has been replaced with usability standards and commerce. Rightfully so.
The site / shell is a reaction to standardization. It’s meant to challenge the concept of space and how it’s perceived within ye olde browser window. It will undoubtably frustrate some, but may contribute to a large laugh and / or smile for others. It’s more experiment and temporary in nature than stiff and permanent.

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The Future Of Food


I came across this nice link via Eat Me Daily. Making my Jetson’s dream a reality. Always on the cusp, Philips released a few conceptual videos on the future of food for their “design probes program” that are based around technology they believe will be tangible for us within the next 15-2o years. These explorations are featured in the September issue of Wallpaper Magazine. The Philips’ design probes program is worth checking out if you haven’t done so already. It probably deserves a full post in itself. I remember the Skin:Tattoo video being passed around. It reminded me of a piece that 1st Ave Machine did years ago where some hot girl was lying down with her back exposed and some digital bits pull up and out of her spine. It was a nice project. A lot more elegant than I make it out to be. From Philips: “Philips Design’s ongoing design probes program has been further extended with three explorations into the area of food. These projects – Diagnostic Kitchen, Food Creation and Home Farming – take a provocative and unconventional look at areas that could have a profound effect on the way we eat and source our food 15-20 years from now.”

Wallpaper Check out the videos here: Home Biosphere Nutrition Monitor Food Printer

MPY + U2


YouWorkForThemís Michael Paul Young sends us news that he has just finished some visuals for U2. Now thats a heavy gig. Check it out as you have time!

Golden Hug


Our old friends over at Golden have a lovely new film, letting us see behind the doors of their studio! Together we are Golden. Hug.