Michael Boswell

Recent cranbrook grad showing some nice typographic work. It’s always interesting to see the different atmosphere and moods coming out of different programs. Have a look see at the work of Michael Boswell.

Mat Cook

Something we’re going nuts for right now – these bold, brave, 90’s-esque prints coming our way from designer/illustrator Mat Cook, who was recently featured in Issue 01 of Eight:48 newspaper (which smells terrific, by the way). Subliminal homage to popular brands and screen printed loveliness served here as a refreshing backlash to the apparent inertia of aesthetic neo-modernism we’re currently experiencing. Yes please.

Colorcubic, Then Francesco Franchi

Colorcubic is a multidisciplinary creative studio founded by Michael John and Christy Lai. There are sneak peeks of a great deal of eclecticism going on here, but I’d been led to hear of them from seeing a post they did on this totally compelling publication – Intelligence in Lifestyle (featured here – check out that mast head for starters!). I was a bit gutted to discover their website is still under construction, but you can see more of their work on their Behance page here. So credit where credit is due, it turns out the magazine’s rich aesthetic is the brainchild of a one Francesco Franchi, who’s further delights you can see here on the Flickr stream.


The chair meets the alphabet. Rotterdam designer Roeland Otten has designed a collection of 26 chairs, each spelling out one letter of the alphabet, with playful typographic results.

Hot Girls And Lyrics

Jordan Sach is another bright young lad from the UK who has been crafting some goodness with music and typography. Take a look at his explorations on his flickr profile. There is some raw gold in there. Nice1.

Johannes Breyer

Swiss typographic mastery cannot be beat. There is such a strong base that is harnessed at such a young age. It is hard not to be jealous. Johannes Breyer is living up to that legacy for sure. Check his work out.

Google Fonts

The Google Font Directory lets you browse all the fonts available via the Google Font API. All fonts in the directory are available for use on your website under an open source license and served by Google servers.

Type Together

There are some nice typefaces such as Rue Displa, Karmina, and Etica created by Veronika Burian and José Scaglione, Type Together.  Veronika lives in Prague and José is in Argentina working together.

Jpgaday With A New Engine..

So a project several huggers have been steadily working on has just got a seismic retrofit. And my oh my does it make a difference. On a new server now, the browsing of these daily jpgs has become an actual pleasure. Have a look see when time permits. JPGADAY.

MASH updates

One of our all time favorites here at the Hug, the fine and friendly folks over at MASH, have updated with some new and once again, wonderful works. I am always intrigued and amazed at the execution of their works and their ability to convince folks that thinking outside of the confines of a box is actually healthy for everyone. Have a look see at again, an amazing body of work. MASH.

Studio On Fire

Its one thing to posses strong design sensibility, but it’s amazing to see what that becomes when you add superb letter press techniques. Studio on Fire does exactly that, showing off beautiful illustration and smart typography while applying letter press in new and creative ways. Its impossible to browse their portfolio without wanting to touch and hold every single piece. They also run another blog full of goodness called Beastpieces

Life In 2050

A great looking new exhibition launches this week in London depicting Life in 2050. This forthcoming exhibition has been created by Transmission for the 9th Sci-Fi-London Film Festival.

Studio Transmission have set the dial 40 years from now and commissioned 22 leading and emerging contemporary artists from around the world to create an original piece of work depicting their vision of what life will be like in 2050. The eclectic mix of contributors include Universal Everything, Alex Trochut, Mario Hugo, Tom Muller, Dan McPharlin and Tom Gallant. For a full list of artists check out life in 2050.

The exhibition will run at the Proud Gallery from the 22nd April – 4th May.

OurType Updates

Whoah, looks like one of our favorites, OurType has updated. Their last site, truly a classic, had withstood the tests of time. This site, looks like it has taken some of those classic elements and slightly twisted them for an enhanced experience. Overall, both are deserving of a thumbs up and will thus receive, the hug. Looks like they have some nice new typefaces up as well. Fayon looks lovely. Does anybody know if group94 did this as well?