OurType / Fred Smeijers

Ran into this site for the first time in a while and man, it still holds up so well. The type, the interaction, the simplicity. It is all so well done. Thought it deserved a 2010 hug. Fred Smeijers and his beautiful typography at OurType.


Following in the footsteps of YWFT, Reserves sells fancy typefaces and stock imagery. A growing and unique collection indeed. Check it out.

Village Version 2.0

Looks like Village has quietly updated their website. Again, smashing typefaces and a nice little uplift as well. Have a look see as time permits. Hugs.

History by Typotheque

Yet another one of the wonders of Typotheque, History, is indeed, a face full of faces. In any capacity, this face seems to do it all. Love it.

Nazine Magazine

Had the great pleasure of meeting the person behind this wonderful publication. Soon to be released stateside. Looks like we will also be honored to be carrying this zine soon. Keep a look out in the right column! Looking lovely and many hugs. Nazine.

Grids – Made To Measure

It’s all about the grid – here, here and oh look: here. GRIDS (title does exactly what it says on the tin), published by RotoVision not only serves as a compendium of exemplary designs (featuring the work of Matt Willey, Peter Crnokrak, George Adams and Airside to name a few) overprinted with their underlying grids, but includes an accompanying CD containing all of the examples in both InDesign and QuarkXPress. A truly indispensable resource to say the least, considering the modest price to go with it.


Human Studio (a.k.a Human) is a multi-disciplinary creative studio coming out of Sheffield, UK. Founded by former tDR director, Nick Bax, who is currently a visiting lecturer at Fellow of The Royal Society of Arts, they produce some dazzling visual solutions for a global client roster. The portfolio is quite brief, so it warrants a quick look when time permits.

Duke Special

So from unify and digital music to crafted box sets, we all love music. This lovely new box set of three album releases by the artist Duke Special has been designed Sparks, London. It coincided with his recent performance in the Brecht play Mother Courage at the National Theatre London.

The set is now on it’s third production run over 25,000 units, which confirms our suspicion that well designed phyiscal albums are desirable to music lovers everywhere. A screen printed gem on grey board is held with traditional book binding tape. The slipcase is silver foiled on a textured card.

FontShop + WebFonts

Looks like FontShop is getting in on the WebFonts service front. This is good stuff. We’ve been extremely happy with our use of the Typotheque service. It’s great to see another foundry setting this up.

Norm In Seoul

Swiss graphic design duo, Norm, is in Seoul at the moment and will be giving a lecture at University of Seoul this Friday for all that are interested. For those that are not familiar with their work, some can be found at their website. Norm.

Alias Type Foundry

These guys are often lurking in the distance. But I do enjoy many of their typefaces. The Alias Type Foundry. I do love this ultra minimal site. You can’t get any more minimal than that. One of my recent favorites, although not necessarily a new typeface is Granite. Oh how I love it when some things are missing.

Bureau Ink

Bureau Ink is the online portfolio of Markus Schäfer, a graphic designer based in Hamburg, Germany. Although he has some really nice commercial work in his repertoire, it’s his personal works which I find most interesting, especially the ‘Exposed’ series. I’d love to know how this was executed technically.

There Where – Jin Jung

Some interesting work coming from Jin Jung at There Where. Have a look see!