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Tomato / Underworld

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Bill Viola & NIN


brilliant. part 1 / part 2 bill viola & nin

Maxim Zhestkov


mad maxim



While doing some research on interactive installations, I found this crew from Lyon, France. Really inspiring work. As some folks might say, these guys are killing it. Straight killing it. A pretty fascinating hybrid of graphic design and a truly multiple choice answer of all of the above, I really admire their ability to not be discipline bound. Alas, another goal, I hope to one day keep for myself. No more boundaries. No more disciplines. But perhaps I am dreaming. Nevertheless. Have a look see. Some really amazing work. Give it up for Trafik.

MPY + U2


YouWorkForThemís Michael Paul Young sends us news that he has just finished some visuals for U2. Now thats a heavy gig. Check it out as you have time!

Jacques Tati


Hello Everybody! Here is my first post on GraphicHug, i’m really glad to join the team! In this first post, i wanted to let you know about this amazing exhibition about Jacques Tati, french filmmaker, now at the CinÈmathËque FranÁaise in Paris. You’ll be able to learn more about the filmmaker and actor he was and you’ll also be able to see his wonderful strange machines that you can see in hi sfilm (such as the communciation machine, the lighted broom or the column-cum-refuse bin). There are also few pictures from Cartier-Bresson, Robert Doisneau and Willy Ronis and fabulous drawings from Pierre …taix, Jacques Lagrange, Sempe, Cabu, Saul Steinberg, etc. Moreover, the “scenography” of the exhibition, by Macha Makeieff, is just great and fits perfectly with Tati’s atmosphere (beautiful big neon lamps, huge letters, props, furniture, etc.) It will last until August, 2nd. If you are or you come to Paris, you should definitely visit it! And if you want to see more about this exhibition, you can visit the CinÈmathËque website and you can watch those two videos from TÈlÈrama and L’Express (interviews of Macha Makaieff, in the CinÈmathËque). (Sorry it’s in french!)



proper 3d / animation. tokyoplastic.com

Reyner Banham Loves Los Angeles


I have lately been researching the quirky architectural critic Reyner Banham. Amongst his many loves, Los Angeles took on a profoundly soft spot in his heart. His adoration for the city of Angel’s “non-plan,” organic layout informed much of his architectural ideals.

In 1972, after writing Los Angeles: the Architecture of Four Ecologies, Banham made a documentary about the City following his exploration of his favorite haunts of fascination. The story begins with Banham expressing his love for driving, (which he learned to do in “order to read Los Angeles in the original”,) moving through landmarks such as Pueblo de Rio and the Watts Towers.

This fun BBC documentary can be viewed in full here thanks to Google video. If you find yourself in LA you can also take a bus tour that walks through Banham’s thoughts and notes about this city.

Lightness Of Being


Lightness of being is a fascinating short film by Alinka Echeverria capturing synchronize swimmers underwater. Watching the film really alters our perception of space and gravity. Pretty trippy.

Dreamers Ink Aesthetics™


The very gifted Mr. Mitch Paone has updated his website with a real nice range of work spanning broadcast, print, branding, art and better yet, music as well. Check out this pretty amazing range of work when you get a chance.

Robbie Cooper + Immersion


Do we all remember playing video games for the fist time? Bodies contorted, lips curled, and eyes focused? Robbie Cooper has some really nice video work of children playing video games capturing these moments. Sometimes the clips can be funny, scary and intensely emotional. You can view the video on youtube here or visit his site here which has some really nice hi-res video stills. I’d like to thank my brother for introducing me to this stunning video work.

Sorry I’m Late


Nice little stop motion piece. Well done.