Danny Clinch debut At SXSW

Live at Preservation Hall: Louisiana Fairytale, A Film by Danny Clinch.

For fifty years the Preservation Hall Jazz Band has played to keep the traditions of New Orleans jazz alive, both at home and on tour around the world. Along the way, they have brought in collaborators of all musical stripes to play, honor, and reinterpret America’s first true art form.

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Alex Maclean

Check out some amazing aerial photography by Alex Maclean.

Franziska Strauss

Franziska Strauss presents her first solo exhibition, Reckoner / I killed my dinner with karate at the gallery from March 5th to April 9th, at the Egbert Baqué Contemporary Art in Berlin.

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Caffeine Nicotine / Issue 1

Faces / Funk / Fame / Fashion. Entitled, Caffeine Nicotine_new magazine shot by John Wright out of London.

Caffeine Nicotine Mag

Per Zennström

Photographer / filmaker, Per Zennstrom_

Experimental stillife in a MKK advertising campaign, shot in a light & colorful manner Digitally manipulated stillifes of aluminum foil with strong colors.

-per zennstrom

Todd Mclellan

Todd Mclellan has been creating compelling images ever since his days in kindergarten fingerpainting class. Although the concept of exploded or deconstructed objects projected in freeze-frame isn’t necessarily original per se, I’ve never quite seen the concept so delicately executed as seen in his most recent works. Look see.

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Occupy / Greg Eason

3 new prints from Greg Eason available at Occupy.

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The Last Supper

Check out this fascinating series of photographs documenting former Death Row prisoners’ requests for their last meal before execution by James Reynold.

Comp Fight

I was pleasantly surprised at this little discovery, to add to my ever expanding library of digital tear-sheets. Comp Fight, in a nutshell, is an image search tool guaranteed to change your life. It prowls flickr and displays your search results in an orderly fashion eliminating a few layers of clicking :) Worth a look to kick start the creative juice flow for 2011. Happy roaming!

Photographs of Ken Garland

Ken Garland is a designer who never ceases to amaze me. Having authored the original First Things First manifesto, Mr. Garland has never been one to hold a “traditional” vision of design. The man is truly prolific. I recently discovered his photographic work and am again amazed by his sensibilities. As of late, the designer has been very active about sharing his photography through a nine-part series under the theme of “a closer look at”. These A6 books are available for purchase for those in the UK through Pudkin books, (see instructions below).

Jaye Rhee by Sp ct r / Sulki&Min

Another wonderful publication from the wonderful world that is Specter Press / Sp ct r design by that wonderful duo Sulki&Min. Here’s a bit of text from their site:

Jaye Rhee is a New York-based artist who regularly exhibits work at various international venues. Imageless is Rhee’s first monograph, which surveys her work encompassing video, performance, photography, and installation. The presentation of the body of work is punctuated by four essays: Carol Becker on the ‘Real Fake’; Raúl Zamudio on the ‘Art in Motion’; Sara Reisman on the ‘Performed and Crafted’; and Edwin Ramoran on one of Rhee’s projects, Bambi.

Ruud Van Empel

Discorvered on Design for Mankind’s blog, the work of this Amsterdam based photographer, Ruud Van Empel, is colorful, very graphic, sometimes “geometric”, with a very specific atmosphere for each photo.

News and many more nice pics to see on his website.

Shinya Kimura

This short video is unbelievably amazing for anyone who hasn’t ridden a motorcycle and wants to know what it feels like. It is filed by director Henrik Hansen and his team in 2010. Love the audio and filming of this. Hope to see more!