Bae Bien-U: Sacred Wood


A good friend of mine turned me onto this photographers work. His name is Bae Bien-U and his images are for lack of a better word, stunning. He has a book published and I highly recommend if you like what you see that you pick up the book to add to your collection. Online images don’t do his work justice, because the printing quality of the book is really wonderful; dark darks, beautiful desaturated colors, texture and sharp images. You can pick up the book at Amazon or your local bookstore. Enjoy.

NY Art Book Fair ’09


Very much looking forward to the preview tonight of the NY Art Book Fair. For the non NY huggers, I will try to take as many pictures as possible… (If they let me) Printed Matterís annual fair of over 200 international presses, booksellers, antiquarian dealers, and independent artist/publishers presenting a diverse range of the best in contemporary art publications. October 2-4 at P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, New york

Rankin Live


Although the event has passed, the site’s experience is still fresh. The bad boys at Digital Club put together an integrated experience with the Original Bad Boy Rankin, (founder of Dazed and Confused) melding his retrospective at the Truman Brewery with the world. Rankin Live was “a massive retrospective, a live shoot, an interactive gallery and magazine all in one.”

Jarvis Cocker, showing his age with a dirty beard, hilariously instructs you on how to take a Rankin-shot. All-in-all it’s a fascinating and impressive way to bring a photography exhibition to greater life that truly invited everyone to participate.

This seems to be a result of Dazed and Confused experimenting with the use of social-media. It’s a laudable direction to move towards considering how exclusive the fashion editorial world is.

Tomato / Underworld

response to mr ro / classic / tomato / underworld

Taisuke Koyama Takes Photos Like A Graphic Designer.


If you have come across the work of Shun Kawakami (artless) then you have definitely come across the photos of Taisuke Koyama. Don’t feel bad if the name doesn’t ring a bell. Despite the beauty of his work, the photographs aren’t exactly memorable. This is not a negative aspect.

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Tim Richardson


Tim Richardson is a photographer coming out of NYC and is most certainly worth a look. I was gob-smacked.

I Love That Photo


Is a new online photo zine showcasing what looks to be some nice work and nice interviews. Check it out when you can!

FinePix REAL 3D Technology Debut


The new FinePix REAL 3D W1 camera includes an impressive 3D Shooting feature, including an array of advanced 3D shooting modes as well as being able to enjoy 3D playback on the live camera monitor – “Shooting 3D images with an unprecedented ìreal feelî is simple and automatic with the built-in 3D Auto function of the FinePix REAL 3D W1 Ö” Awesome.

TIME ZERO: The Last Year Of Polaroid Film

Picture 2

More film news today. Grant Hamilton released the trailer for his documentary, Time Zero, about ‘the last year of Polaroid.’

Guy Bourdin In Cannes

© Guy Bourdin

Driving across Cannes (CÙte d’Azur, south east of France) two days ago, I perceived some of the great colourful pictures of the French photographer, Guy Bourdin (1928-1991), exhibited on the sidewalk of the Croisette. Unfortunately, I couldn’t stop by and take the time to enjoy this exhibition but I strongly advise you to go if you are in neighborhood! Guy Bourdin was a great photographer of fashion and advertising.

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New Orba Squara Site


Hello Friends! Here is an amazing “online diary” that blurs the line between print and web. Beautiful design, nice typography and a fantastically built site. Just an all around great project. Yahoo for personal work. Former agency creative Jose Cabaco, who’s had stints at Euro RSCG and Wieden + Kennedy, was behind this site promoting The Trouble with Flying, the latest album from musician Mitch Davis, aka Orba Squara. Cabaco, along with other members of Random Collective, a group of creative friends from all over the U.S. dedicated to pursuing personal creative projects, documented the band on a 10-day 15 city tour to produce a Flash-driven, horizontally scrolling tour diary–a multimedia collage of photography, illustration, typography, music and film that, if laid out on paper, would measure 430 feet long.

Friendship Chronicles, Ch.2 – Melbourne, Australia


For the most part, things are excellent. I really canít complain. Have met some super swell folks here and in all earnestness, really dig it here. If I were say, five years younger, perhaps I’d consider living here for a bit. Regardless though, things here are super good and I’m in a few words or less, quite stoked. This first week, I was able to spend some time with the awesome folks at Hammer&Tong, Marilyn&Sons, and SouthSouthWest. Seriously, all awesome and all more than accommodating.

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Mad Photos


Mads Perch is a London-based Danish born photographer. The man’s got style with fingers in the music, editorial, and fashion worlds. His ability to blend different styles makes him a promising figure. It will be interesting to see where this man’s work takes him.