proper 3d / animation.

Water Sculptures


Mark Mawson captures some pretty rad shots of paint dropping into water. Aren’t the colors so yummy?

The Strongest Of The Strange


Every once in a while, I feel like watching a skate video. My collection is less than comprehensive, even though my love for the sport dates back to 1993. My interest has been fading a bit lately, but here and there Iíll grab a magazine or watch some footage online. Anyways, 2 years ago I came accross a dvd that stands above the usual gnarly, hardcore, wasted dude attitude stance most skate videos take. Entitled “The Strongest of the Strange” (derived from a Bukowski poem) and composed by Pontus Alv, (a Swede long involved in skateboarding.) There is lots of 8mm footage, really nice motion graphics, a diverse soundtrack ñ overall this video is exceptional. If youíve got some time, watch the entire thing google video.

Some more Pontus action in an Carhartt (Europe) ad. They are obviously sponsoring quite a number of skate and art related projects. Picture 1 and 3 of this post were taken from their website.

Trouble In Paradise


This is a series of photographs by Christoph Martin Schmid titled Trouble in Paradise. He does a pretty good job capturing the way we perceive the hollywood lifestyle. They may appear perfect but behind closed doors…their lives are a little messed up.

Robbie Cooper + Immersion


Do we all remember playing video games for the fist time? Bodies contorted, lips curled, and eyes focused? Robbie Cooper has some really nice video work of children playing video games capturing these moments. Sometimes the clips can be funny, scary and intensely emotional. You can view the video on youtube here or visit his site here which has some really nice hi-res video stills. I’d like to thank my brother for introducing me to this stunning video work.

Daniel Freytag


uk photographer. killer scapes.

The Beautiful Disease


Terrible name, but the photos are worth a look.

Chema Madoz


Here’s a portfolio of some interesting photographs.

Mark Rubenstein


Some very beautiful work by Mark Rubenstein. Photographer based in LA.

Tim Flach


Not much to say that isn’t already expressed in these truly lynchian images, taken by Tim Flach. Awesome.

Ryan Mcginley

photographic sensibility at its finest. nice1

Martina Hoogland Ivanow


Martina Hoogland Ivanow has made several fashion features for magazines such as Dazed and The Face and has worked for clients such as Prada and Miu Miu. Her work is mysterious and sensual but semi-abstract, and is often characterised by subdued lighting and under-saturated colours. Her work first caught my eye on Calikartel but more can also be seen here.

Shinichi Maruyama

While doing a Chelsea walk a few weeks ago, I randomly stumbled upon this artists work while being stunned by an image I saw through the window. Pretty amazing stuff. Yes, we have seen this type of imagery before but these were nevertheless, quite stunning. Even these pictures do not do the prints justice as they are gigantic and quite powerful with their use of negative space. Unfortunately, I realize now, I post this too late as the show is now over. But check out his website for some more beautiful images of his work. Pretty amazing stuff. Oh, his name is Shinichi Maruyama. In his statement, he refers to Wabi-Sabi and the elegance of imperfection. Iím not sure I am totally getting that from all of these but there is an element of restraint here that I am really enjoying. Enjoy!

Here he is in action.