The Ronin: Fear/Love


Rob Chiu in my perspective, is living the dream. Graphic designer turned motion designer turned film maker/ writer/ director. Keep an eye out for his film coming out soon called Fear/Love.

Felice Varini


considered joyous optical explorations dealing with the relativity of time and space.

Ed Taylor


Had pleasure of meeting a Mr. Ed Taylor recently and am pretty amazed by his work. He showed me a bit from his site. He is working on a new one soon and am looking forward to that. In the meantime, enjoy some works from Mr. Ed Taylor.

Rosemarie Tissi


Random type searches lead me to this typeface, created by Rosemarie Tissi in 1974. Iíve seen some of her work in passing throughout the years but still would love to see a more extended showcase. Anybody have a link floating around? Regardless, amazing work and amazing sensibility throughout the years. Rock. Hereís some random stuff I found while floating the net. You can see more here, here and here.

New York Times / Style Magazine


uva rocks out a 5th anniversary tribute based on the iconic t / featuring music by mira calix. / check out the fly through as well.

Interview With Ken Leung


Since my last post on the subject, admittedly I’ve become more and more interested in Monocle. Never has there been a more valid excuse to leave the shopping trolley scurry to the other half, than to spend the duration of the weekly grocery rounds grounded to the magazine section, scanning the pages of this magazine; examining the grid, taking in the illustrations and carefully contemplating exquisite typography.

Mark Gowing


Yet another brilliant designer coming out of Australia. Mark Gowing rocks. Beautiful work for the preservation music label.

Deconstructing Product Design


Maybe this is old news if your in the “know”, but I stumbled upon this site discussing some really interesting topics and products. Interesting stuff.

Hwan Lee


Some interesting work coming from this student. Hwan Lee.


Optimistic Wheatpaste


James Reynolds is wheatpasting images of doors and windows on the boarded-up versions of the real thing. Visual optimism or a comment on slap-dash responses to a crumbling economy? Either way, I hug.

Rilla Alexander


Rilla Alexander does some beautiful drawings, illustrations and even plush dolls.

The New Era Hat


Interesting read in the nytimes about the New Era Cap company and how it has made it all these years. Yes, I’m a baseball fan. Forgive me designers. But it is particularly relevant to previous conversations weíve had about graphic design and sports. I think one of the interesting points is the longevity and strength of the New York Yankees baseball cap. It is one of the logos that requires the least amount of stitches. And it is the most profitable and best selling and most iconic. A cheers for simplicity? (Sorry New York, I still will not and can not endorse the evil empire) Which leads me to the point I had been trying to make earlier. What happened to simplicity and design?

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Bento Box


Interesting debate or kind of debate over at nytimes forwarded to me by my good buddy Tom. Discussing aesthetics and the everyday lunch. It isnít really so much a debate but more so a few thoughts on Japanese aesthetics and lunch. Itís a nice quick read and again, a joy as I can again, ponder what appears to be the ageless wonder of one my favorites, Mr. Kenya Hara. I think he nailed it again. Itís interesting how a concept such as ergonomics perhaps is doing too much? Iíve never thought of it that way but in a way, it is true. That knife, in all its splendor does fit better with some than others. And perhaps this is not the best of scenarios? Anyways, have a read as time permits.