Steve J / PhantomResearchFoundation


Steve J of one of our favorites, the PhantomResearchFoundation has a nice flickr set going of works old and new!

Michael Freimuth


The man is straight killing it. The guy cuddles type like a new born baby. Amazing type sensibility. Have a look see when you get a chance. Michael Freimuth.


Picture 3

Mr. Stephen Fitzgerald won the Cut and Paste motion Championships in NYC recently. The contestants had 8 hours to come up with a 15 second spot under the theme “Dear Life, Thanks For Everything, Sincerely Me.î Fitzgerald’s piece explores the singular moment when ones life “flashes before their eyes.” Knowing how long it takes to craft something like this in motion, its quite an impressive feat. It also the won Audience Choice award.

James Le Beau-Morley


Recent grad James Le Beau-Morley is doing some really nice work. Throwiní it down. Have a look see as time permits.

P41 Studios


Nice little studio with what looks like a nice hand on both design and web development. Not a whole lot of work here so far but seems to have a nice sensibility for both design and programming with a print flavor.



Been listening to this album quite a bit lately. From Anticipate Recordings, Sawako makes some beautifully music. This is a nice cover designed by TheIngredient.

Onedotzero: Playgrounds

Picture 1

This is sorta geeking out on motion news, but I found this intro title by OnedotZero on motionographer. Apparently, they shot this using a still camera and two flashes (not a 7,000fps phantom camera). The photos were then camera/light mapped to a 3d model giving them full control over camera speed and movement.

Lubalin Now: The Herb Lubalin Study Center Of Design And Typography


Alright New York Huggers. If any of you are around on November 5th between 6 ñ 8 PM and happen to be in New York City this event looks interesting to attend. Wish I was in the big apple the first for this event. If anyone goes please let me know how it is.

Xavier Chassaing


scintillation / prepare. a beautiful film.

Tomato Reel 2009


Took a further look at what was going on per Jimmyís post and after all these years, these guys are still killing it. There are, still reasons to hope. Still reasons to dream in this complicated world of ours. These are some shots from their recent reel.

Mr. Michael Spoljaric


A member of one of our favorites, the PhantomResearchFoundation, looks like Mr. Michael Spoljaric has been crazy busy. Some truly awesome work for Nike. Have a look see when you get a chance. Stay tuned as we have an interview coming up in the not too distant future. But in the meantime, enjoy.

Penguin/Pelican Covers Collection


Joe Kral has an excellent collection of Penguin and Pelican covers. Always worth a look see –

Visual Complexity


I was seeing what else I could find on the net, on data visualization, when I came across this site. It contains some rather nice examples of info-driven aesthetics which in some cases provoke the mantra of form following function. I thought I’d throw these out there.

I particularly love this one project by Piero Zagami which presents a visual exploration of human movements focused on martial arts performances, by freezing the movements of the performers into a tangible series of layers using draft film and tracing papers:

You can view more images of the project on his website. Enjoy.