Interview: North55


North55 was formed in 2000 to provide Middle East businesses world-class creative solutions. Since inception, they have worked with leading corporations to define and develop effective, durable brands that deliver real bottom-line value. North55 brand communication experience encompasses real estate, travel and tourism, retail, luxury goods and food and beverage, across a wide-ranging client base. We had the opportunity and pleasure of meeting Craig Falconer, co-founder and creative partner.

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OMD – Dazzle Ships


From 1983, yet again, Mr. Saville and amazing. Found while surfing a great site, Hard Format, this just continues my amazement. Have a look see when you get a moment.

For Office Use Only


For quite some time, the office of ForOfficeUseOnly has been rocking some beautiful and engaging work. Have a look see when you get a chance.



Loaf are a creative agency coming out of the north of England, with some neat branding and print work on show. Quality.

Farrow Again….


This is really old and yes, I am behind the times. But just saw this today and love it. Here is a nice write up at Creative Review about it. But again, Mr. Farrow and friends have done their part to raise happiness in the world.

For Cereal


If you stock your fridge with items from the grocery store, or “G-Store” as I like to call it, and you love cereal (who doesn’t?) you may have noticed that Post brand cereals have re-issued some of their original cereal box designs dating back to the 1960’s. As I did more research, I discovered that General Mills began to reissue their vintage boxes as “Limited Editions” at Target Stores back in 2008 and have done this two years in a row.

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I was lucky enough to be at the Design Museum London last night for the launch of the latest exhibition featuring legendary Dieter Rams. Simply one of the most influential designers of the late 20 century. The exhibition has been beautifully put together by Bibliotheque. And a must if your in London in the coming weeks. A big thanks.

Eric Hu


Some nice work coming from this guy, Eric Hu.



An old co-worker of mine once frequently used the term “Junkolio”. He would often say, in a voice not dissimilar to Jack Burton, from Big Trouble in Little China, “Yeeeeep. Well, just gonna finish this up real quick and file it in the íol Junkolio.”

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Choose Your Own Adventure – Broken… Down…


The always inquisitive punk rock stallion, Mr. Swinehart, has just released a pretty stunning research project. Perhaps not stunning in the typical sense of the word, but stunning in the meticulous and uncovering an area perhaps forgotten to a generation with more attention deficit disorder than the previous. Anyways, have a look see and a read. Itís a pretty interesting break down of the choose your own adventure book over the years. However, the A.D.D. idiot in me was intrigued equally more so by the lovely animations and the ability to even play them and receive some visual reinforcement as well. Have a look see when you get a moment. Nice work.

Hubert Jocham


Hubert Jocham makes some pretty nice display faces. I like these curly fries.

Coudal And A Little Freedom…


Randomly ran into this interview the other day and thought it was quite inspiring. It’s with Jim Coudal of I think what is so inspiring here is that he has paved a path, without a clear goal in mind but by letting things fall into place and seizing the moment. Sorry if that sounds like B school jargon but I really enjoyed reading this interview. He has amazingly taken out the client in his take on the design profession and I am envious! Here’s the nice interview from Design Glut.

Jordan / M6


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