Tony Brook (Spin) and Adrian Shaughnessy (UnitEditions) AIGA Small Talk


This friday, if you are in new york and can make it, must try to see this AIGA Small Talk. I cannot go unfortunately but this seems totally awesome. Featuring my favorites, Tony Brook from Spin. And Adrian Shaughnessy. Go and make it happen!

Herbert Matter / Abstraction / Design Observer


Really lovely post over at Design Observer by Jessica Helfand. I loved the sincerity of this post and more so, the feelings she is discussing here. I think much could be said for defying logic every now and then. And letting things happen or fall into place without any explanation. Have a read if you have some time this morning or this afternoon.



founders / dan ibarra & michael byzewski set up a shop known as aesthetic apparatus in minneapolis. proper prints / solid overall portfolio. “They will break your heart and drink your blood.

Susanna And The Magical Orchestra


While browsing the selections at Other Music the other day, I was stunned by this cover. The internet jpg compression format does not do this cover justice. It is truly a mark of beauty. And now the more I research this group, and the more I find, the pieces are all coming together. Susanna and The Magical Orchestra is a duo from Norway on the Rune Grammofon label. And I did not suspect it at first but I find now that the collaborations have been plenty with one of my all time favorites, Mr. Kim Hiorthoy who directed this hauntingly gorgeous music video below. This music is kind of ridiculous. I love it. I will need to do more research but my feeling is, Mr. Hiorthoy is responsible for these beautiful covers as well. Hope.

Billykirk By Scout Magazine

Our friends at the Scout have produced this wonderfully beautiful movie on high quality leather goods makers Billykirk. Truly beautiful in editing, cinematography and production, it is worth a look see. Word is there are going to be a few more of these coming down the pipeline so stay tuned for more at The Scout. Great work guys!

Juana Gaita Collection

rad set for juana gaita / just scroll to find the gold. juana gaita

Astronomy: Swiss-Style


I just ffffound these neat retro Astronomy posters which I thought I’d share. Designed by Simon Page – they will be available for purchase through his store when it goes live. Kerching!

The Heads Of State


These two guys are doing some rock solid work. Love the colors and the textures. Representing Seattle and Brooklyn. Rock it.

Mirko Borsche


After 37 years on planet earth, Mirko Borsche founded his own space in Munich 2007 and named it aptly after himself. His practice comprises purely of freelance designers of which he cooks for on a daily basis – using freshly-grown vegetables grown on the studio terrace. Collectively, Mirko Borsche has an ecclectic range of work under it’s proverbial belt; covering publications, posters, typography, identity design and art direction for clients working in theatre, fashion and industrial design. An interesting mix – made moreso by the quality of execution and attention to craft in the output.

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Our good friends over at B&W Studio have released their new site with a compendium of superb work. It’s been long awaited but worth it, enjoy!

Sanderson Bob


Sanderson Bob, formerly of the Designers Republic. Straight killing it.



duo photographers / collaborators_zoren gold & minori / combined create some unique and forward thinking visual explorations.

Bryce Wymer


Had the pleasure a while back of meeting with a Mr. Brcye Wymer. And man, his work is pretty much off the chain. Amazing tool kit of everything design, illustration, drawing and anything else in between. Have a look see when you get a chance.