Yoshi Sodeoka

Yoshi Sodeoka has been producing art projects since the early 1990s when he made the leap from his native Japan to New York over two decades ago.

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The portfolio of Eps51 epitomizes the offspring of a multi-culturally informed design sensibility with impeccable conceptual flair. Details »

Victor Soma

Talented pop_surreal artist Victor Soma, who currently lives and works in Krakow, Poland.

Jealous Studio

Jealous Gallery and Print Studio are dealers and publishers of limited edition prints. With a changing program of exhibitions, featuring prints by established artists from varied schools, movements and styles, we cover everything from 20th Century American Pop to Contemporary and Urban art.

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UVA Exhibition & New Site Design

Rien a Cacher / Rien a Craindre / 2011
For the opening of UVA’s new exhibition Rien a Cacher / Rien a Craindre on 2 March, la Gaîté lyrique in Paris is transformed into an all-seeing building which seduces and unsettles visitors in a unique way.
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Haunch of Venison Gallery

Country-Tune-North-black / Hand Pulled 1 Colour Silkscreen / On Somerset Satin White – 300gsm / Limited Edition Of 30 / Signed & Numbered / 76cm x 57cm / Quantity Left: 5

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Franziska Strauss

Franziska Strauss presents her first solo exhibition, Reckoner / I killed my dinner with karate at the gallery from March 5th to April 9th, at the Egbert Baqué Contemporary Art in Berlin.

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Kirsten Hassenfeld

Just came across some fascinating installations by Kirsten Hassenfeld.

Occupy / Greg Eason

3 new prints from Greg Eason available at Occupy.

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Jaye Rhee by Sp ct r / Sulki&Min

Another wonderful publication from the wonderful world that is Specter Press / Sp ct r design by that wonderful duo Sulki&Min. Here’s a bit of text from their site:

Jaye Rhee is a New York-based artist who regularly exhibits work at various international venues. Imageless is Rhee’s first monograph, which surveys her work encompassing video, performance, photography, and installation. The presentation of the body of work is punctuated by four essays: Carol Becker on the ‘Real Fake’; Raúl Zamudio on the ‘Art in Motion’; Sara Reisman on the ‘Performed and Crafted’; and Edwin Ramoran on one of Rhee’s projects, Bambi.


A seriously offbeat and anti-digital Flickr photostream, scissors and glue style, from Joana Coccarelli in Brazil. Worth a peep, but I wouldn’t mind seeing the originals in all their glory.

Mehdi Saeedi

Mehdi Saeedi’s typographic work is a strong indication of what can be achieved by applying a contemporary twist on Arabic script. Mehdi was born in Tehran, Iran. He studied graphic design in the Art Academy and afterwards majored in Art and Design at England’s Cambridge University. In 1998, he opened his private studio working with some of the most prominent cultural centers in Iran and has participated in numerous domestic and international exhibitions, biennials and triennials around the world; winning several important prizes both locally and internationally. Have a look his work here for something truly authentic.

The Evolution Of Experimental Work (And Having Something To Say)

I was listening to some archival podcasts from Graphic Design on the Radio, hosted by Adrian Shaughnessy, when I came across an interview with FUEL. I’ve heard little through the grapevine over the last few years about the collective, so I had a look around their site. FUEL have forever been notorious (since their inception in the 80’s) for filtering experimental work through to the mainstream with a flagrant negligence for trend-topping. Their work, in my mind at least, demonstrates a tandem stream of self-initiated and client work in seamless convergence. It is rare to see this process emphasized so blatantly today. Details »