Edition 29

Edition 29 Architecture Issue 005: The 5th Issue of Edition29 Architecture is the biggest one so far with over 170 pages of amazing visual drama elicited through great photography of structural sculptures that serve as residences from Japan to Portugal.

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Carlo Ratti

Was watching the livestream of the TED Long Beach conference and heard Carlo Ratti speak. Wish I could see his digital water pavillion in person and experience the pavilion’s large display, with text, letters, and interactive patterns. Who doesn’t love typography made out of streams of water. Check out the video.

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John Pawson

John Pawson in conversation with Alain de Botton from Design Museum on Vimeo.

Despite the current exhibition ‘Plain Space’ at London’s Design Museum having already received considerable coverage (we are now 2 months into it after all), I thought it only right that the über modernist and inflexible perfectionist, British architect John Pawson get a brief mention this week here on GraphicHug (who’s eldest son managed the 2010 Mercury Prize-winning band, The XX). In conversation with Alain de Botton, cultural commentator and philosopher, Pawson speaks about the exhibition, previous projects and his minimalist approach.

After being instrumental in the closure of the family clothing business after school, John Pawson dabbled in Zen Buddhism before moving into his self-education to become an architect. It wasn’t until the mid 1990’s (when John was already making steady progress along his chosen career path) that he landed his first big break from Calvin Klein, and subsequently ended up designing the Calvin Klein store in New York in 1995.

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Inntel Hotel

This new hotel designed by WAM architecten is a building that features overlapping green wooden facades typical of traditional houses in the Netherlands.

Archigram Archive

Every once in a while you stumble upon a website that demands a lot of attention. Sometimes it is an immersive flash site, sometimes it’s an obscure photo blog, and sometimes it’s a treasure trove archive of design. I have been a long time fan of the architecture collective Archigram, but access to their pleathora or revolutionary work has been sparse. This has been particularly true of their seminal magazine, which has been getting more and more underground exposure. The University of Westminster has put together this large online archive of the collective’s work. With the support of the Humanities Research Council and working with the archives of Dennis Crompton and Ron Herron they have done a superb job unlocking the mysteries of Archigram. Grab a brew and sit back for a long design drool session.

SANAA Awarded Pritzker Prize

Announced a few weeks ago, the austere yet lovable architecture firm SANAA has been awarded the prestigious Priztker Prize for Architecture. Kazuo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa will be awarded this prize in Los Angeles on 17th of May. The Priztker has been awarded to living architects for achievements since 1979 and is considered to a be true defining moment in an architect’s career. Congratulations to our favorite huggable architects! Above are pictures of their Gifu Apartment building finished in 1998. I grew up in apartments like these and really hated them, but this design would make living in such a building again more than bearable.

Roman And Williams @ The Scout

Our buddy Tom is at it again. Yet another gorgeous video from our friends at the Scout. Have a look as time permits.

Roman & Williams from The Scout

Online Architecture Guide

MIMOA is a free online architecture guide that organizes and maps out Europe’s modern architecture in a database that you can browse through. This could really come in handy when you guys are traveling to Europe and want to soak up all things art and design.

Tadao Ando

Japanese architect Tadao Ando.

Also check out this short film from Alex Roman. Built completely in CG and references a lot of Tadao Ando’s work.

Dan Hill & City Of Sound

Whilst flicking through this month’s Artichoke, I came across an article about this interesting new-age artist of all mediums – Dan Hill. The work which was featured in the article – not shown here, but a series of photographic juxtapositions; aesthetically not too far removed from tDr’s ‘Impossible Architecture’ series a few years back, prompted me to dig deeper. Although relatively little can be found about him (for instance, a folio site of sorts) I have discovered he is first and foremost a practicing architect and has been working at the forefront of innovative information and communication technologies (ICT) since the early ‘90s and responsible for many innovative, popular and critically acclaimed products and services. Dan’s blog, CityofSound, features a Graphic Design’ section amongst other things and is definitely worth a look – if only to see how such a mulit-talented artist is applying is own unique take on the profession. It’s predominantly experimental work, but refreshing none the less.

Phillip Lim Flagship Store Seoul

It has been a while since we have done an architecture post. This one, be the duo Leong and Leong, a really beautiful building for Phillip Lim. Here is some reading about the piece at Archinect.

Christoph Morlinghaus


“film forever” / hugs forever / stunning work and considered compositions by morlinghaus.

chrisoph morlinghaus

The Ford Foundation Building


Had the pleasure of visiting this building the other day. It is truly spectacular and worth a visit if you are ever in New York. The Ford Foundation building is a shining star of Modernism, with a hint of green and even more, a nod towards a little life and breathing room. Hereís a nice write up from Metropolis Magazine forwarded to me by Anh Tuan. Have a look see. Amazing.