Lebbeus Woods

It has been quite some time since I have seen this work. And it pleases me to run into this again and see this man still rocking it. Lebbeus Woods. Have been a big fan of his formal experimental work since I was in school and it still holds up very well to this day. I think what is very interesting is just the power, the graphic power that these sculptures possess. It reminds me of some of the early proun sculptural studies of El Lissitzky but with, let us say, some slight amplification. Regardless, still very rocking to this day, I envy the career and life of this man. Perhaps someday. Someday. We shall see. Nevertheless, enjoy and have a great week. “I have a clear grasp of what it is that I want to achieve, though I am still searching for the best realization of ideas that have driven me all along.”

Blog about a blog?

Anything goes these days I think. I recently added this one to my feeds. Though, because of the format, nothing really *feeds*. Ah well, it will keep it in front of me. Interesting format .. lovely photos, and some beautiful interiors. I am crazy about the color palette. 2 or 3 Things I Know

Hiroshi Nakamura and NAP Architects

Hiroshi Nakamura is a young Japanese architect who plans to change the world one atmosphere at a time. Nakamura’s recent ‘Dancing Trees, Singing Birds‘ project gained a significant amount of press when it was completed earlier this year. Looking through their work it quickly becomes clear what Nakamura’s true magician skill is, atmospherics. Many of the projects house gestures with light that completely alter and define the spaces. In projects like the House SH the bulbous facade creates a well of light that arrests the interior in subtle white light. Nakamura uses light to transform spaces. Within the various projects I hear the voices of Yayoi Kusama (Necklace House), James Turrell (SH House,) and Ernesto Neto (????/Epson Project.) Not to say that he is ripping those artists off. The nature of the projects make the work a lot less soulless than those referenced artists. But the use of their motifs and techniques are luxuriously appropriate.

Lego Madness

Wish I were in Copenhagen to see this in person. Architect makes Scale Model of Housing Proposal in Lego

More White

David’s post reminded me of this book that still to this days, melts me. It is combination book showcasing the photography of Walter Niedermayr, and the architecture of Japanese duo Kazuyo Sejima & Ryue Nishizawa (SANAA). The book is amazing. Never have I been oh so softly melted before at the hands of such whiteness. Really a model in negative space and purity. The book is designed by mega duo Mevis and van Deursen. If you don’t have it yet, I suggest adding it to your collection before it is gone with the snow.


Just saw this is coming up, speaking of Diller/Scofidio/Renfro. If any of you New Yorkers are up for attending, let me know. Should be pretty interesting. I’d be stoked to see DSR talk again, as I explained before. It was pretty amazing. TUESDAY 11 NOVEMBER 2008 6:30–8:30PM More Information Here+


It looks like Mr. Swinehart and team have been busy and finally launched a project he has been telling me about for a while. Details »

Projected Dining

Inamo has recently opened in London’s Soho with a superb new approach to eating out! One of the restaurant’s unique features are that menus are displayed by ‘cocoon’ projectors onto tabletops, allowing diners to order food and beverages interactively, to change the ambiance of their individual table, to play games and even to order up local information and services, such as booking a cab! Design by BlackSheep


architects, designers, art directors and directors setup to form an original fusion of ideas, images, movement and experience. based in nyc. tronic.com


One of the Method SF visual designers sent this out today, so Jay and LA, and I’m sure quite a few more of you have already seen this. I thought it was worth sharing with everyone else who hasn’t checked it out. It’s the new Identity and Branding system for the Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) here in New York, created by Michael Bierut/Pentagram.

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This Ain’t No Disco

Ever wanted to know how creative design agencies are from the inside? Ain’t No Disco is a portfolio of agency interiors around the world.

David Quay Design

Just recently stumbled upon this the other day. I recognized the name and it all came together as I dug deeper into the site. David Quay is from The Foundry, the type foundry responsible for the digitalization of some of Wim Crouwel’s hand drawn typefaces. It was under his direction that the whole project took off in the first place. He and The Foundry are also responsible for the generation of many a display face “archetypal” of some of the early pioneers of graphic design of this century.

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Arts & Architecture

Here are some of the images from the Modern50 site. While working on a project recently, I’ve become aware of a publication I previously knew not existed. It is called Arts & Architecture. It is a magazine that I’m gathering from Wikipedia, ran from 1938–1967. I was reminded of this as I was perusing Daniel’s link below to Modern50 and saw that they were actually selling some copies of this. My would I love to find an issue of this. Just browsing these covers, this is truly a ridiculous amount of pure beauty in the form of a cover. Really, ridiculous.

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