Polish Hipopotamus

Ever wondered what a polish hippo would look like? Feast your eyes. For me this is best described as maelstrom of sensory overload, but made for fun and with love. Afraid? So you should be.

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The portfolio of Eps51 epitomizes the offspring of a multi-culturally informed design sensibility with impeccable conceptual flair. Details »

Victor Soma

Talented pop_surreal artist Victor Soma, who currently lives and works in Krakow, Poland.

Andy Gilmore

I recently came cross Andy Gilmore’s work via Breed, and I must say I find it truly captivating. A curious case of disciplinary cross-over between music and design (as Andy is a musician as well as a practising designer) yielding eye-popping results in the form of these geometric illustrations. They are simple but yet deceivingly complex, and surely palatable with most forms of visual language and communication – hinting at mainstream appeal which is far flung from the source of the art. Don’t just take my word for it, check out his website.

Everything Happens For A Reason

Despite arguably descending into a quagmire of illogical, pseudo-religious schmaltz last year (I’m still waiting for six years of my life back, but that’s another story), the ABC show LOST receives these super-simple and incredibly effective homage posters. Created by Madrid-based designer Pablo Sánchez, they are available for purchase on his online store. Check them out.

Roya Hamburger

It’s overcast and gray in Paris today, but I am determined to start 2011 cheerfully. So, I present to you the colorful work of Roya Hamburger.

Check out her website full of other colorful illustrations!

Herbert Leupin

Mr. Leupin was a prolific Swiss graphic artist and designer. Over the course of his sixty year career Leupin created thousands of iconic and spirited posters. What I appreciate is the charm and wit that he brings to Swiss precision. He kept it light-hearted. His Salem posters might just make one break their  resolution! Happy New Years everyone!

Sci-fi Treasure Trove

I stumbled upon Mr. Carl’s flickr a while ago. Not only does he have a wonderful set of vintage logos, he also has an impressive collection of 60s’ and 70s’ sci-fi illustration. Enjoy.


Print-Process was founded by Blam [Mark Blamire] in November 2010 and is a sister company to the ever-popular, online print/poster outlet Blanka. The unique service enables a fixed pricing structure, whereby the customer can specify his or her size of poster – depending on their requirements. There are some serious gems to found on here (some of which I’ve featured here); of both old favorites as well as new stars, available in high quality giclée reproductions. I’m surprised I haven’t come across this before, as the link came courtesy of my friend Joao who is currently chipping away at his newly-launched blog – Flat Times. Obrigado!

Poster Offensive

Poster Offensive’s Flickr set contains some really arresting designs. The collective was apparently first organized in 2004 as a response to George W Bush being elected for a second term as President of the United States! It’s a mixed bag in terms of artists. One that really stood out for me is this one from Jon Forss titled ‘Destroyer of Words’ (above).

Chivas Launches Limited Edition Tin By Alex Trochut

Award- winning graphic designer and illustrator Alex Trochut has just recently collaborated with award-winning scotch whisky Chivas Regal to launch a limited edition gift tin for the brand’s 12 Year Old expression. Here is an extract from a recent article about the new design:

“The gift tin (featured above), which will be available globally, was inspired by the Chivas Regal heraldry and label crest, and incorporates a contemporary, bold monogram based on the twists and movements of a steel ribbon. The tin, which has a dramatic metallic finish, is simple, elegant, contemporary and masculine – the qualities that perfectly match those of the multi-award-winning Chivas Regal 12 Year Old.”

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A seriously offbeat and anti-digital Flickr photostream, scissors and glue style, from Joana Coccarelli in Brazil. Worth a peep, but I wouldn’t mind seeing the originals in all their glory.

Syd Mead

Mr. Mead is considered a legend in a surprising range of fields, (science fiction, movies, and design). The 77 year old Art Center graduate has a truly innovative portfolio that has found application everywhere. His work on movies suchas Bladerunner and TRON have solidified his place in the pop culture canon. It is great to see his work come to life in places like FoodParc.

What fascinates me most about Mead is how his vision of the future is now manifesting in the real world. With technology truly at our fingertips, his work no longer seems far fetched and fantastic. It is quite amazing how his seemingly client-less work has been utilized by such major clients as Sony, Dentsu, Honda, and even Chrysler. Continue dreaming everyone.