Volume One – The Road Less Traveled


Volume One has released another experimental “Season” called The Road Less Traveled, which takes its inspiration from American folk tunes and the typographic work of Ed Ruscha. This “Season” is an amazing success and what is also incredibly impressive to me is that an original song was created to accompany the video piece. The beautifully crafted type designs found in movie, are also available as collectable post cards.

Hello Von


Awesome hand-rendered illustration work with a minimalist site. Goodbye Von.


My old friend Richard Deighton in Leeds has relaunched n¸yu showcasing his works for the likes of Apple and Nickelodeon. Enjoy his portfolio at n¸yu.

Project 10


It’s worth popping along to the Design Museum London 19 May ñ 01 June for a chance to win one of these individual bags designed by Paul Smith. Project 10 features 138 individual bag designs. ëI wanted to show that creativity is not just driven by money or commerciality and that it can be about a simple idea and effort. Designing 138 prints at the same time for one project was both extremely challenging and rewarding at the same time. I wanted to give and show something interesting and unique to the customer, and hopefully we have achieved that.í Paul Smith

Normal Bias


Normal Bias is an “experimental art & design house” that bypasses ” superfluous trend in favour of ideas with integrity and craft.” Those are bold words, but these guys stay true. Check out their work. I really would like to get my hands on some of those Bearded pages.

Universal Everything for V&A Museum


Another great piece by Matt and Simon Pyke. A great visual dialogue between static and kinetic, old and new, permanent and transient. Also available for download at the itunes store.

Chris Pacetti


While sitting in a cab here in New York, you may have seen some nice animations of hot dogs. Yes. Hot dogs. Well, this is the guy that worked on it. Some nice work in here.

Aurelie Vitoux


While following some comments on the hug, stumbled across the website of an Aurelie Vitoux. Some very nice pieces of work there. Check it out when you get the chance.

Thomas Broomé


beautiful illustration based on typography. thomasbroome.se

Grain Edit


If you like the aesthetic of Mad Men, you’ll be sure to love Grain Edit. Below are some pieces by Frank Chimero which have a nice whimsy to them with a touch of analog.



We continue to track the work of Yulia Brodskaya. She isn’t just your average up-and-comer. Master and inventor of the process of ‘Papergraphy’; an unusual but equally novel and effective technique which involves intricate, ornate typography with paper – her pieces resemble a sort of child-like alter-ego to the likes of Si Scott and Nando Costa.

It is most probably this rare trademark which has earned her the interest of clients such as Orange, Nokia and The Guardian newspaper. Wow. We’ll continue to check up on her evolving work.

Patrick Dougherty


Patrick Dougherty is an amazing artist who combines his love for carpentry and nature into large scale masterpieces. I had an opportunity to stand before these massive, woven sculptures and I must say they are absolutely breathtaking. Can you imagine how much time and effort goes into planning, designing, and building these sculptures?

Kim Aram


Kim Aram is a fashion illustrator based in Seoul, Korea. She has some pretty interesting work. Check out her ‘Self Portrait’ series in the new issue of Nazine.