Mehdi Saeedi

Mehdi Saeedi’s typographic work is a strong indication of what can be achieved by applying a contemporary twist on Arabic script. Mehdi was born in Tehran, Iran. He studied graphic design in the Art Academy and afterwards majored in Art and Design at England’s Cambridge University. In 1998, he opened his private studio working with some of the most prominent cultural centers in Iran and has participated in numerous domestic and international exhibitions, biennials and triennials around the world; winning several important prizes both locally and internationally. Have a look his work here for something truly authentic.

Craig Redman

I don’t remember how exactly I stumbled upon Craig Redman’s website but I was stunned by his colorful made of patterns portraits!

Visiting his website, I discovered the work of this Australian born working in New York artist was very varied : from illustrations to type, trough art direction, editorial design, window display, patterns, etc.

Get Your Gebrauchsgraphik On

reference on flickr


Here is a part of the very special and funny work of Lincemadu, french illustrator based in Paris. She developed some characters of her very own style. I especially appreciate the ones she made from famous people. She also likes working handwritting lettering.

To see more of her work, go visit her website :

Forgotten Hopes

If a nostalgic and painterly approach to design and illustration appeals to your sensibilities, the Forgotten Hopes experience will most certainly appeal to you. Below are some simply executed, but effective collage pieces by PNTS and Rui Silva:

On the aesthetic flipside, I really like this music poster series – produced in celebration of the artist’s favourite albums, by Noa Emberson.

Earlier this week I came upon this site, and with my french being a tad rusty, initially mistook it for a portfolio – whereas in actual fact it’s another design blog. That would explain the eclectic range of work! Kudos to the guys over at Ultrazapping for the update.

Art Factory

Not your typical backpackers digs here per se, as this concept is more commonly associated with boutique hotels, but the Art Factory in Buenos Airies certainly looks like an interesting place to crash – for those of you on the move this summer.

They Don’t Make ‘Em Like They Used To

Just as every music enthusiast will occasionally toss the iPod or CD collection to one side, pull his or her vinyl collection out of the dusty box, and lie there listening to the nostalgic scratch of some long-forgotten classics – you can imagine my enthusiasm on recently discovering a series of interviews with my first memory wave of design celebrities or ‘rock stars’ from the 80’s and 90’s on Debbie Millman’s ‘Design Matters’ podcasts. If you were a student in either of these eras (which I imagine many of our readers where), then these come highly recommended (Chris was kind enough to cover some of this subject a while back). Brody, Saville, Fella, Carson, Glaser and Curtis are just to name but a few. This morning it was a cross-atlantic call with Vaughan Oliver, with notable mention of the much under-mentioned Chris Bigg. For those who aren’t over familiar, Oliver was thrust into the design limelight back in the late 70’s for his openly self-indulgent and somewhat rebellious artwork for the record label 4AD.

Details »

Coming Soon

Seriously top notch branding work here, covering the whole spectrum with consistency and attention to detail to the very core. The inclusion of hand-crafted processes only adds to the overall panache. Coming Soon from Belgium…

Raum Mannheim

Just returned from a short stint in Istanbul, where I had the pleasure of visiting the Istanbul Modern. What was striking aside from the exhibitions, was the sheer amount of top-notch print collateral on display: books, posters, stationery, notebooks galore. So as any curious designer would do I fell into the tourist trap of spending way too much in the gift shop but also as means to an end of researching which mystery design companies where behind all the products, in an attempt to discover some new hidden gems. One of which is Raum-Mannheim, who are definitely one to keep an eye on. Unfortunately little can be uncovered in terms of further information on this outfit (as the site is set in German), but the work clearly speaks for itself. Hurray for the euro-boutiques!

Trisec / Experimental Fonts, A Collaboration

keep an eye on these 2 / sorin bechira and stefan romanu

Elle Kim

Another cranbrookian with some awesome typographic works. Love the preparation and the exploration of materials. Have a look at the work of Elle Kim.

Mat Cook

Something we’re going nuts for right now – these bold, brave, 90’s-esque prints coming our way from designer/illustrator Mat Cook, who was recently featured in Issue 01 of Eight:48 newspaper (which smells terrific, by the way). Subliminal homage to popular brands and screen printed loveliness served here as a refreshing backlash to the apparent inertia of aesthetic neo-modernism we’re currently experiencing. Yes please.

Colorcubic, Then Francesco Franchi

Colorcubic is a multidisciplinary creative studio founded by Michael John and Christy Lai. There are sneak peeks of a great deal of eclecticism going on here, but I’d been led to hear of them from seeing a post they did on this totally compelling publication – Intelligence in Lifestyle (featured here – check out that mast head for starters!). I was a bit gutted to discover their website is still under construction, but you can see more of their work on their Behance page here. So credit where credit is due, it turns out the magazine’s rich aesthetic is the brainchild of a one Francesco Franchi, who’s further delights you can see here on the Flickr stream.