Shinkansen ver.2 | Daihei Shibata

This came link came from my friend Hideki. I love this video by Daihei Shibata. Nice1.

Tom Phillips / The Dead Photos

facing the reality of death in a rather light-hearted and well travelled manner. in the depths of my soul or stomach i found myself silently laughing as i browsed the collection. i may be sick, but either way this series is brilliant. nice1 indeed.


Issue 30

Thought I’d pop my head around to share a sneak-peak of the LWL overhaul. Neatness all-round!

UVA / Chorus. Wapping Project

‘Chorus’ is an array of motor-assisted pendulums which will be suspended from the roof of the Boiler House. Mounted on each of the pendulums are a light and a speaker. Together these pendulums form a single instrument that explores the relationship between performance, sculpture and installation. –

Raum Mannheim

Just returned from a short stint in Istanbul, where I had the pleasure of visiting the Istanbul Modern. What was striking aside from the exhibitions, was the sheer amount of top-notch print collateral on display: books, posters, stationery, notebooks galore. So as any curious designer would do I fell into the tourist trap of spending way too much in the gift shop but also as means to an end of researching which mystery design companies where behind all the products, in an attempt to discover some new hidden gems. One of which is Raum-Mannheim, who are definitely one to keep an eye on. Unfortunately little can be uncovered in terms of further information on this outfit (as the site is set in German), but the work clearly speaks for itself. Hurray for the euro-boutiques!

Trisec / Experimental Fonts, A Collaboration

keep an eye on these 2 / sorin bechira and stefan romanu

Bec Worth

One of our buddies from down under has done a little update to her online presence. And some fantastic work indeed. Have a look see at the work of Bec Worth when you can. You would love this.

Base Updates

Maybe this is old? Maybe this is not? Just randomly ran into this. Looks like heavyweight Base, has undergone a facelift. Have a look see as time permits!


The new ‘flake’ girl, mesmerising from Fallon.


Quick post before heading for the tube. New Bibliothèque.

Kashiwa Sato

Coming from Japan, Kashiwa Sato is a branding machine. This website, designed by the epic THA, is quite a feast in and of itself. Loads of work well worth a look.

Colorcubic, Then Francesco Franchi

Colorcubic is a multidisciplinary creative studio founded by Michael John and Christy Lai. There are sneak peeks of a great deal of eclecticism going on here, but I’d been led to hear of them from seeing a post they did on this totally compelling publication – Intelligence in Lifestyle (featured here – check out that mast head for starters!). I was a bit gutted to discover their website is still under construction, but you can see more of their work on their Behance page here. So credit where credit is due, it turns out the magazine’s rich aesthetic is the brainchild of a one Francesco Franchi, who’s further delights you can see here on the Flickr stream.

Jimmy Soat

The uber talented Jimmy Soat has updated with some new pieces in his range. Again, the attention to detail and the high level of aesthetics are unmatched.