Since being here in Seoul, it is ever so refreshing to find places, people, folks like this. If you have some time, check out the publications from Mediabus and better yet, if you are in Seoul, come visit The Book Society.

Mediabus is an independent publisher based in Seoul, Korea. It was initiated in 2007 by independent curators with the collaboration of designers. Mediabus publishes zines & books, produces and distributes, organizes exhibitions & events, directs a workshop, and carries out project or book commissions for companies & institutions.”

Yes Yes Y’all + Channel Y

What already was an amazing and amazingly curated music blog has now become even better. Sitting conveniently in a unique position among web experiences, this is now a place for some comfortably curated viewing and listening pleasures. From some pretty exquisite tastes at that. I love all the little typographic details as well. Alot of heart and care has gone into this. So as time permits, or as your interactive experiences permit, have a look at the new YYY. Yes Yes Y’all!

Colorcubic, Then Francesco Franchi

Colorcubic is a multidisciplinary creative studio founded by Michael John and Christy Lai. There are sneak peeks of a great deal of eclecticism going on here, but I’d been led to hear of them from seeing a post they did on this totally compelling publication – Intelligence in Lifestyle (featured here – check out that mast head for starters!). I was a bit gutted to discover their website is still under construction, but you can see more of their work on their Behance page here. So credit where credit is due, it turns out the magazine’s rich aesthetic is the brainchild of a one Francesco Franchi, who’s further delights you can see here on the Flickr stream.

Apollo 11 Saturn V Launch (HD)

This has to be the most amazing footage I’ve seen in a long time. It is an HD transfer from a 16mm original of a launch of a Saturn V rocket. Thanks for the link Olivier. :D

The Wim Crouwel Archive

Okay, found this via our friend Antonio. This is flabbergasting. An amazing archive of the master’s work with hi res downloadable editions too. Well, not that hi res but higher res. Anyways, for any Crouwellians out there, this is a must see. Absolutely.

Creative Review Redesign

With the future of editorial design being somewhat in question lately, many predications have come to light concerning how magazine designers foresee the future of editorial design in general. Add the wintry economic climate to the rise in popularity of blogs and online publishing and right there; designers have a motivation to start thinking more carefully about the quality of their magazines – both in content and format. To quote Nicolas Bourquin – founder and creative director of onlab, who are responsible for the vastly popular Domus publication – ‘We are experiencing a fascinating epoch. its a hard time for magazines, but a fabulous time for editorial design.’ A paradox, you might think.

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Four Ways To Mix Fonts from H&FJ

Randomly ran into this, pretty quick read. As I’ve always learned and noted, the mixing of typefaces is truly an art form and one can never practice this enough. IMHO. Anyways, have a nice read as time permits.

Grids – Made To Measure

It’s all about the grid – here, here and oh look: here. GRIDS (title does exactly what it says on the tin), published by RotoVision not only serves as a compendium of exemplary designs (featuring the work of Matt Willey, Peter Crnokrak, George Adams and Airside to name a few) overprinted with their underlying grids, but includes an accompanying CD containing all of the examples in both InDesign and QuarkXPress. A truly indispensable resource to say the least, considering the modest price to go with it.

Dan Hill & City Of Sound

Whilst flicking through this month’s Artichoke, I came across an article about this interesting new-age artist of all mediums – Dan Hill. The work which was featured in the article – not shown here, but a series of photographic juxtapositions; aesthetically not too far removed from tDr’s ‘Impossible Architecture’ series a few years back, prompted me to dig deeper. Although relatively little can be found about him (for instance, a folio site of sorts) I have discovered he is first and foremost a practicing architect and has been working at the forefront of innovative information and communication technologies (ICT) since the early ‘90s and responsible for many innovative, popular and critically acclaimed products and services. Dan’s blog, CityofSound, features a Graphic Design’ section amongst other things and is definitely worth a look – if only to see how such a mulit-talented artist is applying is own unique take on the profession. It’s predominantly experimental work, but refreshing none the less.

How To Do Better Creative Work


Usually I’m not so eager to jump on the Christmas wish list bandwagon, especially seeing as how it’s way too early to even contemplate of course. However, if any of you are stuck for ideas this year (even if it’s for yourself) then you might want to have a look at CRITIQUE: How to do better creative work by Steve Harrison. Already coined as ‘a real page turner’, this little beauty promises to be the bible for anyone involved in the creative process; whether it be designers or marketings bods’ right through to client service.

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Happy Friday


Not that we are into client bashing here at Graphic Hug, but there has been a lot of discussion regarding the role of client and the difference in work produced depending on the intensity of the client (or lack there of). If you are frustrated at work, hopefully you can take solace in some of the stories on this Tumblr page. Happy Friday!

Meet LAIKA – A Dynamic Font…


… of course, by the Swiss! “With LAIKA, there is finally a font that can seamlessly use the whole spectrum of its cuts. A font that is able to move between its extremes in real time. An interactive font that is able to respond to its surroundings. A font that questions deadlocked dogmas and throws up completely new design questions, and thus has the potential to revolutionise the understanding of digital typography.” LAIKA – Eine dynamische Schrift



An old co-worker of mine once frequently used the term “Junkolio”. He would often say, in a voice not dissimilar to Jack Burton, from Big Trouble in Little China, “Yeeeeep. Well, just gonna finish this up real quick and file it in the íol Junkolio.”

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