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Caffeine Nicotine Mag

Design By The Masses

Interesting quick read about a software that allows multiple folks to “design” a set of given objects. Or to make them better.

This goes along with many of our previous crowd-sourcing debates and the end of our professions. And many of you may disagree with such a thing. But this got me thinking. It might be kind of neat to have some kind of way to simultaneously work on a file. If I had say, InDesign open and I could simultaneously work on a file with a trusted designer friend, it just may yield some pretty rewarding results. Perhaps this already exists in some capacity? I know that screensharing may facilitate such a thing. But I wonder if somebody were to take that experience one step further and create a truly multi-designer interface that would allow for two or more people to truly create something inconceivable by one person?

Anyways, just some random thoughts. Have a read as time permits.


Since being here in Seoul, it is ever so refreshing to find places, people, folks like this. If you have some time, check out the publications from Mediabus and better yet, if you are in Seoul, come visit The Book Society.

Mediabus is an independent publisher based in Seoul, Korea. It was initiated in 2007 by independent curators with the collaboration of designers. Mediabus publishes zines & books, produces and distributes, organizes exhibitions & events, directs a workshop, and carries out project or book commissions for companies & institutions.”

Yes Yes Y’all + Channel Y

What already was an amazing and amazingly curated music blog has now become even better. Sitting conveniently in a unique position among web experiences, this is now a place for some comfortably curated viewing and listening pleasures. From some pretty exquisite tastes at that. I love all the little typographic details as well. Alot of heart and care has gone into this. So as time permits, or as your interactive experiences permit, have a look at the new YYY. Yes Yes Y’all!

Creative Block

This interesting article reports on overcoming the all-too-familiar creative block. Featuring an impressive line up of well known and prolific designers and artists, each individual sharing their most effective cures for the syndrome – some of these are pretty interesting. Try it. You might be what you’ve been looking for…

Grid / The Web Needs It

designers prevail /

Bringing Back The Love


Computerlove transforms itself into an alternative network of 3 websites ( and coming soon) dedicated to awarded artists, designers, and directors. Welcome to Ubiq, public beta. For what’s new or if you’re just plain lost, head over to the the FAQ’s for a quick lowdown. Fly in!



An old co-worker of mine once frequently used the term “Junkolio”. He would often say, in a voice not dissimilar to Jack Burton, from Big Trouble in Little China, “Yeeeeep. Well, just gonna finish this up real quick and file it in the íol Junkolio.”

Details »

Choose Your Own Adventure – Broken… Down…


The always inquisitive punk rock stallion, Mr. Swinehart, has just released a pretty stunning research project. Perhaps not stunning in the typical sense of the word, but stunning in the meticulous and uncovering an area perhaps forgotten to a generation with more attention deficit disorder than the previous. Anyways, have a look see and a read. Itís a pretty interesting break down of the choose your own adventure book over the years. However, the A.D.D. idiot in me was intrigued equally more so by the lovely animations and the ability to even play them and receive some visual reinforcement as well. Have a look see when you get a moment. Nice work.

Coudal And A Little Freedom…


Randomly ran into this interview the other day and thought it was quite inspiring. It’s with Jim Coudal of I think what is so inspiring here is that he has paved a path, without a clear goal in mind but by letting things fall into place and seizing the moment. Sorry if that sounds like B school jargon but I really enjoyed reading this interview. He has amazingly taken out the client in his take on the design profession and I am envious! Here’s the nice interview from Design Glut.

Herbert Matter / Abstraction / Design Observer


Really lovely post over at Design Observer by Jessica Helfand. I loved the sincerity of this post and more so, the feelings she is discussing here. I think much could be said for defying logic every now and then. And letting things happen or fall into place without any explanation. Have a read if you have some time this morning or this afternoon.

Creativity & Chance


Interesting read on chance and creativity forwarded to me from my buddy DD. It’s a nice quick read detailing four different types of chance and how it seems to forever be around us if we perhaps open our eyes. Well, thatís one of them atleast. I’ve always been under the assumption that if I was lucky with one thing, it was that I had always seemed to meet good folks. Details »

Bogie Man


My friday offerings are the superb drawings of Vic Reeves. He is primarily know as a comedian from the UK but has also recently launched his new book at Paul Smith’s Floral Street London. The world as Vic sees it! I enjoy.