David Lewandowski on Tron

In early 2010 a small team of designers and animators were brought together by Digital domain to do the on-screen interface graphics for Tron Legacy. This team included GMUNK, Jake Sargeant and David Lewandowski.

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DixonBaxi ReFresh

Updates to the always solid design studio of DixonBaxi / Formula 1 Brand Sting / Sony Max Channel Branding to name a few.

NeoMorphus From Animatorio

New Project from the talented group at Animatorio, entitled: NeoMorphus.

Transformation trough mutations stages. Evolution as a function gain is called neo-morphic. Imaginary creatures adapt into an Ecosystem and the transformation of these habitats for these creatures generates a fantastic cycle.

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Shinya Kimura

This short video is unbelievably amazing for anyone who hasn’t ridden a motorcycle and wants to know what it feels like. It is filed by director Henrik Hansen and his team in 2010. Love the audio and filming of this. Hope to see more!

MK12 / 2010 Reel



ManvsMachine is a design and motion studio based in London, England. Those of who live in the UK might recognize some of the work they did for a little channel called E4 and Five? They’ve collaborated with some of the world’s most prolific agencies on motion projects (including the late, great Precursor R.I.P), and the sheer attention to craft in their print work also warrants a look. This is first-rate material across the board.

Renaud Hallée

sonar from renaud hallée

World Cup Brazil 2014

On the off-chance there’s a select corner of hardcore footie fans out there, who feel as if they haven’t had their fair dosage of the big game over the last few weeks, this is for you. It seems the identity for the world cup in Brazil is taking form, four years premature. Check it out.

Mimicry +

from ducroz.

Coming Soon

Seriously top notch branding work here, covering the whole spectrum with consistency and attention to detail to the very core. The inclusion of hand-crafted processes only adds to the overall panache. Coming Soon from Belgium…

OFFF Paris

OFFF Paris 2010 Titles from OFFF

Shinkansen ver.2 | Daihei Shibata

This came link came from my friend Hideki. I love this video by Daihei Shibata. Nice1.

Move Make Shake

It’s the end of the day, so a shameless plug for Move Make Shake!