Syd Mead

Mr. Mead is considered a legend in a surprising range of fields, (science fiction, movies, and design). The 77 year old Art Center graduate has a truly innovative portfolio that has found application everywhere. His work on movies suchas Bladerunner and TRON have solidified his place in the pop culture canon. It is great to see his work come to life in places like FoodParc.

What fascinates me most about Mead is how his vision of the future is now manifesting in the real world. With technology truly at our fingertips, his work no longer seems far fetched and fantastic. It is quite amazing how his seemingly client-less work has been utilized by such major clients as Sony, Dentsu, Honda, and even Chrysler. Continue dreaming everyone.

Creative Everyone

Never miss it.

The Caseroom Press

When time permits take a flick through this inspiring collection of experimental handmade books and zines being churned out over at The Caseroom Press. It goes to show how far a lot of passion, hard work and determination can go. I came across their work via an interview with the founders on the newly launched, and equally interesting Rawtype.

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I heart this project.

Mehdi Saeedi

Mehdi Saeedi’s typographic work is a strong indication of what can be achieved by applying a contemporary twist on Arabic script. Mehdi was born in Tehran, Iran. He studied graphic design in the Art Academy and afterwards majored in Art and Design at England’s Cambridge University. In 1998, he opened his private studio working with some of the most prominent cultural centers in Iran and has participated in numerous domestic and international exhibitions, biennials and triennials around the world; winning several important prizes both locally and internationally. Have a look his work here for something truly authentic.

COÖP Updates

One of our all time favorites has sent word that they have indeed updated their web presence. Once again, indeed, stellar work. As time permits have a look at the wonderful work of COÖP.

Jaewon Seok

Apologies for the long absence. Lets just say, its been busy. I am back. Well sort of. I’ll try to keep up with my regular amount of findings and musings but we’ll see. I think this next few months is going to be rough. Regardless, here’s another, yet another finding while here in Seoul. Have a look at the work of Jaewon Seok.

Geoff McFetridge @ HALF GALLERY

For those of you in NYC check out Geoff McFetridge’s latest solo show at HALF GALLERY. The Westest opens tonight and is up until Oct. 15, 2010. The gallery’s hours are a bit strange so be sure to navigate that issue before checking it out (M-F, 10-6 p.m.).

September 21—October 15, 2010
Opening reception: Tuesday, Sept. 21, 6-8 p.m.
208 Forsyth St. NY

The Entente

The Entente is a Brighton-based design and art direction studio formed by Anthony Sheret & Edd Harrington in late 2008. It seems their are quite a few neat studios emerging from this funky, seaside resort in the UK. In their own words “The studio is named after the relationship between both parties: ‘The Friendly Understanding’.”

Although it could be regarded by some as generally sparse, I think their is something quite appealing about their work. Like they have managed to strip away the sugar-coating, right down to the bare minimum aesthetic it can be, whilst still communicating a certain charm. Alongside the The Entente studio practice, an independent type foundry, Colophon Foundry is also run. Have a look around anyway.


Naoki Sato made a name for himself in the 90’s as the art director at WIRED Japan. From there he formed the design studio ASYL. Personally, I am most attracted to the compelling editorial work. Over the years ASYL has widen their scope of work. Now they touch everything from graphic design, planning, art direction and even events. Most studios become diluted by such growth, yet they maintain great integrity in their taste and typography. Today, Sato directs the studio alongside Kohei Nakazawa and Yoko Tani. Take some time to browse through their vast archive of work.

Poketo + Target

The Big Red teamed up with Poketo to unleash more visual fun for everyone. Some of our favorites worked on this collaboration including Mike Perry and Leif Parsons. Check out the beautiful lookbook shot by Ye Rin Mok and designed by Forest. Keep an eye out the next time you happen to be a Target.

Model: Jeana Sohn

Craig Redman

I don’t remember how exactly I stumbled upon Craig Redman’s website but I was stunned by his colorful made of patterns portraits!

Visiting his website, I discovered the work of this Australian born working in New York artist was very varied : from illustrations to type, trough art direction, editorial design, window display, patterns, etc.

The Evolution Of Experimental Work (And Having Something To Say)

I was listening to some archival podcasts from Graphic Design on the Radio, hosted by Adrian Shaughnessy, when I came across an interview with FUEL. I’ve heard little through the grapevine over the last few years about the collective, so I had a look around their site. FUEL have forever been notorious (since their inception in the 80’s) for filtering experimental work through to the mainstream with a flagrant negligence for trend-topping. Their work, in my mind at least, demonstrates a tandem stream of self-initiated and client work in seamless convergence. It is rare to see this process emphasized so blatantly today. Details »