Non-Format / David Bowie

Taking inspiration from the notion of Axis Thinking (the brainchild of frequent Bowie collaborator Brian Eno) the design depicts a series of mixers with sliders positioned so as to describe each Bowie album within Non-Format’s own framework of extremes.
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Danny Clinch debut At SXSW

Live at Preservation Hall: Louisiana Fairytale, A Film by Danny Clinch.

For fifty years the Preservation Hall Jazz Band has played to keep the traditions of New Orleans jazz alive, both at home and on tour around the world. Along the way, they have brought in collaborators of all musical stripes to play, honor, and reinterpret America’s first true art form.

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Another case of uncovering the invisible designer here – I’ve recently discovered and been listening to Aeroplane, an alternative Belgian Disco pair who’s debut album ‘We Can’t fly’ not only features a host of upcoming guest artists adding to the strange ecclecticy, but also some pretty sharp cover artwork. Can any of our readers or contributors educate me as to who designed this? Judging from this piece alone, I’d expect to dispense some serious hugs.

Shinya Kimura

This short video is unbelievably amazing for anyone who hasn’t ridden a motorcycle and wants to know what it feels like. It is filed by director Henrik Hansen and his team in 2010. Love the audio and filming of this. Hope to see more!

Sascha Kleis

Still looking for some more information on this designer. Does anybody have anything? Please let me know. This work has no time, no boundaries and no shelf life. Truly amazing. I wish there was a website to point you to, but I’ve just a few samples I’ve dug up. Have a look see when time permits at the amazing work of Sascha Kleis for ECM.

Renaud Hallée

sonar from renaud hallée

Yes Yes Y’all + Channel Y

What already was an amazing and amazingly curated music blog has now become even better. Sitting conveniently in a unique position among web experiences, this is now a place for some comfortably curated viewing and listening pleasures. From some pretty exquisite tastes at that. I love all the little typographic details as well. Alot of heart and care has gone into this. So as time permits, or as your interactive experiences permit, have a look at the new YYY. Yes Yes Y’all!

Underworld / Album Launch


Tokyo Police Club

I’m a glutton for sponging up new sounds, especially when they come as intriguingly packaged as ‘Citizens of Tomorrow’ by the Tokyo Police Club (check it out). Feeling somewhat disconnected with the pioneering art of the music video, this comes well appreciated.

Shinkansen ver.2 | Daihei Shibata

This came link came from my friend Hideki. I love this video by Daihei Shibata. Nice1.

Creative Control

A few months ago the infamous Damon Dash started making some serious moves. His new space DD172 has become a center cooking up some catastrophic cultural goods. When Mos Def was “chilling” one night with some serious folk the place was deemed the “24 Hour Karate School.” Since then there has been some serious hype bubbling around the space, the gallery, venue, and the much anticipated mixtape. Check out all the moves being made here at DD’s Creative Control. Hip Hop is still very much alive ladies and gentlemen. Support your local Karate Dojo. Start chopping.

Nike + Trainer / Audio



Saw a show with the artist/designer/collective Byul this past weekend. What can I say? Quite amazing. And the more that I research now, the more interesting connections seem to be made. The music is awesome and now after exploring their website for quite some time, their design work is quite stellar too. Have a look see at what is a pretty at times, cryptic website with lots of goodness to be uncovered if you just look. BYUL.