Omotesando Koffee

This hidden gem is to become one of Tokyo’s key community players amidst a recent wave of ‘new generation’ coffee shops. It’s owner, Eiichi Kunitomo – operates the serving process from within a kiosk-inspired minimalist steel cube, located within a traditional Japanese house which forms the outlet and the basis of the shop’s distinctive identity. Details »

Character San Francisco

Character is a design agency based in San Francisco. Partnering with numerous eminent companies, Character helps create, extend and rejuvenate brands.

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Chivas Launches Limited Edition Tin By Alex Trochut

Award- winning graphic designer and illustrator Alex Trochut has just recently collaborated with award-winning scotch whisky Chivas Regal to launch a limited edition gift tin for the brand’s 12 Year Old expression. Here is an extract from a recent article about the new design:

“The gift tin (featured above), which will be available globally, was inspired by the Chivas Regal heraldry and label crest, and incorporates a contemporary, bold monogram based on the twists and movements of a steel ribbon. The tin, which has a dramatic metallic finish, is simple, elegant, contemporary and masculine – the qualities that perfectly match those of the multi-award-winning Chivas Regal 12 Year Old.”

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Coming Soon

Seriously top notch branding work here, covering the whole spectrum with consistency and attention to detail to the very core. The inclusion of hand-crafted processes only adds to the overall panache. Coming Soon from Belgium…

MASH updates

One of our all time favorites here at the Hug, the fine and friendly folks over at MASH, have updated with some new and once again, wonderful works. I am always intrigued and amazed at the execution of their works and their ability to convince folks that thinking outside of the confines of a box is actually healthy for everyone. Have a look see at again, an amazing body of work. MASH.


We’ve posted about this work before. But here’s some new releases for it. The Yes/Pandemonium work for PSB is extremely happiness. Yes, poor english. But yes, exquisite design. Have a look at Farrow for more happiness. Hugs.

Duke Special

So from unify and digital music to crafted box sets, we all love music. This lovely new box set of three album releases by the artist Duke Special has been designed Sparks, London. It coincided with his recent performance in the Brecht play Mother Courage at the National Theatre London.

The set is now on it’s third production run over 25,000 units, which confirms our suspicion that well designed phyiscal albums are desirable to music lovers everywhere. A screen printed gem on grey board is held with traditional book binding tape. The slipcase is silver foiled on a textured card.

Bureau Ink

Bureau Ink is the online portfolio of Markus Schäfer, a graphic designer based in Hamburg, Germany. Although he has some really nice commercial work in his repertoire, it’s his personal works which I find most interesting, especially the ‘Exposed’ series. I’d love to know how this was executed technically.

Chez Valois

Chez Valois are a Montréal-based design and branding agency who strive to connect people and businesses through design. I’d like to see more on their site, but what’s there is a very striking mix of packaging and print design; applied with a consistent and common approach. Worth repeat views in chance of future updates…

Grid / The Web Needs It

designers prevail /

Saul Bass on Aesthetics

Well said sir. (youtube) From a forthcoming(?) documentary.


Who’s sick and tired of trying to figure out how to read these pill bottles?? The packaging and labeling of medicine provides extremely crucial information for warehouse stockists, pharmacists, nurses, care givers, and of course patients.

A few years ago, Target released these Clear Rx bottles that utilizes design to clearly layout information. I wonder why other pharmacies haven’t taken initiative to re-design their own labeling system. Maybe the US Food and Drug Administration needs to step in and implement federal regulations regarding prescription drug labeling.

There is something interesting about this medicine package. Maybe through design, taking your medicine doesn’t have to be such a dull experience.

“Taking pills is not the most pleasurable things in the world Still, it is possible to add some fun to it with The Medi Flower, a packaging for medicine, that looks like a picture and doesn’t get on nerves with a common boring design.”