Art Factory

Not your typical backpackers digs here per se, as this concept is more commonly associated with boutique hotels, but the Art Factory in Buenos Airies certainly looks like an interesting place to crash – for those of you on the move this summer.

Raum Mannheim

Just returned from a short stint in Istanbul, where I had the pleasure of visiting the Istanbul Modern. What was striking aside from the exhibitions, was the sheer amount of top-notch print collateral on display: books, posters, stationery, notebooks galore. So as any curious designer would do I fell into the tourist trap of spending way too much in the gift shop but also as means to an end of researching which mystery design companies where behind all the products, in an attempt to discover some new hidden gems. One of which is Raum-Mannheim, who are definitely one to keep an eye on. Unfortunately little can be uncovered in terms of further information on this outfit (as the site is set in German), but the work clearly speaks for itself. Hurray for the euro-boutiques!

World Street Art

In case any of you were thinking of filling your backpacks and doing a bit of globe trotting this summer, here’s a great article listing the world’s best cities for viewing street art. Just don’t forget to pack your camera!


Saw a show with the artist/designer/collective Byul this past weekend. What can I say? Quite amazing. And the more that I research now, the more interesting connections seem to be made. The music is awesome and now after exploring their website for quite some time, their design work is quite stellar too. Have a look see at what is a pretty at times, cryptic website with lots of goodness to be uncovered if you just look. BYUL.

SUPERLUXE a project by Crystal Chou

It appears one of our very oen, the very talented Crystal Chou has a window installation up in San Francisco.

This installation is part of her thesis work which is exploring a re-definition of luxury and asks the question, can luxury not be super? You can see more about the installation and her thesis here:

The installation will be up until May 14th June 12 and is located at 74 New Montgomery St in downtown San Francisco.

Have a look see as time permits!

The Wim Crouwel Archive

Okay, found this via our friend Antonio. This is flabbergasting. An amazing archive of the master’s work with hi res downloadable editions too. Well, not that hi res but higher res. Anyways, for any Crouwellians out there, this is a must see. Absolutely.

Alias Type Foundry

These guys are often lurking in the distance. But I do enjoy many of their typefaces. The Alias Type Foundry. I do love this ultra minimal site. You can’t get any more minimal than that. One of my recent favorites, although not necessarily a new typeface is Granite. Oh how I love it when some things are missing.

GraphicHug™ Sightings: Seoul

subway mural

cigarette packaging

map of ehwa university

design cube in icn

love them dishwashing gloves

We love camera phones.
We love graphic design.
We love to hug.
We hug graphic design with our camera phones.

The first of an on-going series of GraphicHugs from around the world. Happy Hump Day everyone.