Lester Beall

“The way a man lives is  essential to the work he produces.  The two cannot be separated.” – Lester Beall

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World Cup Brazil 2014

On the off-chance there’s a select corner of hardcore footie fans out there, who feel as if they haven’t had their fair dosage of the big game over the last few weeks, this is for you. It seems the identity for the world cup in Brazil is taking form, four years premature. Check it out.


The new ‘flake’ girl, mesmerising from Fallon.

Letterpress At Home | LifeStyleCrafts

I don’t want it to seem like I’m pushing a product, but if you want to do letterpress on the cheap at home or your studio then LifeStyleCrafts has a pretty nice solution. You can even get custom plates made! I’ve seen some samples and they actually look pretty darn good. Nice1.

Mohanad Shuraideh

Mohanad Shuraideh works as art director for TBWA Dubai and has a seriously impressive array of projects in his portfolio; representing the current cream of the crop for the UAE region, with campaigns produced for clients such as Galaxy, Harvey Nichols and Japengos. Inspired stuff.

Mother NYC

They finally made a proper site update! Mother NYC has been consistently been killing it in the ad game and even won Agency of the Year last year. It’s great to see a more extensive collection of their work.

Eat A Chiquita

The lovable banana lady has been joined with some goofy friends in the new Eat-a-Chiquita campaign by Art Director DJ Neff and SF agency Fancy. I noticed a funny face staring at me after I picked up a banana from my favorite bodega the other morning. A cheerful and creative face lift to an old brand. Pick up a banana and be healthy this Monday!


Lovely idea from Ogilvy, they are offering their services for free to small businesses to art groups in the Lambeth area! The Idea shop will be at Brixton Village Market, 4-6 February.

Morning Glory

This made me laugh (or ‘LOL’, I stand corrected). Burger King in the UK, being already notorious for their outlandish disruptions in social media following the success of the subservient chicken, are now inviting hot-blooded males to log on and interact with a 20-year old bikini clad girl and watch her take a shower each morning. Yes. singingintheshower.co.uk is burger King’s latest promotion for their new breakfast range, entitled ‘glorious mornings’ which urges customers to ‘seize the morning your way’. Who’d have thought it. Burger King – creators of the world’s first guilt-free shower-cam. Online social marketing at it’s best.

Visual Research: Robert Longo – On Origins and Derivation


Connecting the dots:

Robert Longo, “Men In The Cities” 1979.

Man About Town #09 (site currently down). Old issue here. Designed by Saturday.

Mad Men Opening Credits.

iPod ads.

Coincidences? These connections to Robert Longo have been noted before by others, specifically by David Byrne. But it is always a salient issue of originality in our creative industry, and a healthy reminder of the capricious and voracious nature of our visual culture.

Petronio Associates


The designers of Self-Service and what looks like an interesting range of fashion advertising. Have a look see.

From their website:
EZRA PETRONIO & SUZANNE KOLLER ?Petronio Associates, formerly known as Work in Progress, is a pluri-disciplinary strategic and creative resource serving a selection of the world’s leading brands in the fashion, beauty, fragrance, music, and art industries. Created with the intention of working independently in contrast to the traditional confines of the advertising and design worlds, the company’s projects range from advertising, visual identity, fragrance bottle design and packaging, to overall brand creative direction. Petronio Associates thrives off of new developments in design, research and experimentation. The company was founded in 1994 by Ezra Petronio and Suzanne Koller, who also publish the biannual fashion and cultural reference Self Service magazine.

How To Do Better Creative Work


Usually I’m not so eager to jump on the Christmas wish list bandwagon, especially seeing as how it’s way too early to even contemplate of course. However, if any of you are stuck for ideas this year (even if it’s for yourself) then you might want to have a look at CRITIQUE: How to do better creative work by Steve Harrison. Already coined as ‘a real page turner’, this little beauty promises to be the bible for anyone involved in the creative process; whether it be designers or marketings bods’ right through to client service.

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A beautiful site designed by an old friend, AN3A, truly love how clean and lean it is. Beautiful retouching work too. Have a look see when you get a chance!