YouTube/Cannes Lions Competition


Looks like YouTube and Cannes Lions got a little comp going for those of you with oodles of time on your hands. Read below: YouTube and Cannes Lions have launched a global competition for young creative talent aged 28 or under to attend this year’s Festival and compete in the Young Lions Film Competition. MAKE AN AD At midnight on 15 May (GMT), YouTube will release a brief on for a 60-second ad for a major charity. Anyone born after 27 June 1980 can submit an ad to this channel until midnight, 17 May. The more creative the better! SPREAD THE WORD Making the video is just half the job. Entrants will have two weeks to drive as many people to their YouTube video as possible. Embed it, blog about it, tweet it – whatever it takes. GO TO CANNES At the end of those two weeks, our panel of judges will award two prizes to two video entries (one entrant per video). The prize? An all-expenses paid trip to Cannes to take part in the Young Lions Film Competition as Team YouTube. Find out more at

Belfast Fanciers Club


I popped back to my home town Belfast the other weekend and put my head around the door to see the guys at Hurson. They have recently launched their sister site Belfast Fanciers Club, all things collaborative allowing them to tip their hats to everything lovely going around them.

Where The Wild Things Are Again…


While randomly surfing FFFFound, I FFFFound this, via Kitsune Noir. It is, as it appears to be, the official Where The Wild Things Are poster. Quite nice….

President’s Lectures


On the Saville vibe, last night at a sold out Logan Hall London, Peter Saville launched the D&AD’s president lectures. It was a superb evening listening to the philosophies and thinking of this man, from the infamous Factory record covers to his latest role as CD of Manchester, NW England. In the format of interviewed by Adrian Shaughnessy, it was great start to a season of speakers which will include in the coming months Jan van Toorn, David Hillman, Jonathan Ellery and Luke Williamson. For more check the D&AD blog.



Everyone loves to drink lemonade! so the aptly named Lemonade Drinkers based in London love lemonade and are responsible for creating such recogniseable sounds for advertising including Coca_Cola, MTV, Motorola and the lovely Guinness.

GE SmartGrid


It has been a while since a website was highlighted here. I just ran into this tonight and thought I had to check it out. It is the latest from North Kingdom and Goodby, Silverstein & Partners and man, I must say, it is quite a piece of work. I think content wise, it is a little skimpy but the execution is quite a marvel. Seriously beautiful and very well done in all aspects. Check it out when you get a chance….



the designers republic started in 86 / ends in 09. much respect.

Goldstar beer


Ever wondered what the heck girls are thinking about? Well, this advertisement for Goldstar beer does a pretty darn good job diagramming our minds! Sadly, it’s pretty spot on.

Where The Wild Things Are


Was reading one of my new favorite morning breakfast in my boxers reads and saw this. The more images I see of this, the more I get excited. I’m really not sure what to expect. The Scout tells us that Spike Jonze’ (is that grammatically correct to stick an apostrophe there? As in it makes sense if you spelled it the other way) Girl Skateboards has put out a series with some stills from the new movie. The excitements builds and builds and builds.

Well, I do and I don’t


As designers, I am sure that each and everyone of us have encountered a situation or thought that is relevant to the message of this poster. And since I found this poster I have been grappling with my thoughts and feelings over it. While half of me finds it liberating, the other half, well, just doesn’t know how to feel. So I guess I want to pose a question…What do you feel about it?

Saul Bass + IDEA


I was looking around on my bookshelf and I wanted to share one of my little gems I found a while ago while backpacking through Japan a few years back. Perhaps you’ve already seen this book, but if you haven’t I highly recommend you check it out, although it might be hard to find as it seems to be sold out everywhere. I have seen it pop up again from time to time so if you want to own your own copy don’t give up hope. There is however a nice Flickr documentation of the book here to hold you over in the meantime. Enjoy.

Alvin Chan


Coming out of the Netherlands with some boom and some nice environments and branding work is Alvin Chan. Check out some of what appears to be a pretty extensive work list. I’m most intrigued by the environments.

Some pretty interesting branded temporary spaces.

A Lou Dorfsmanesque wall of type? Yep.

Clever Gaming Advertising.

I found these 3 print ads a while back and thought they would be a nice addition to our GraphicHug ad section. As a fan of console gaming, I found these to be refreshingly smart, able to convey a notion of escapism and the actual subject of the games themselves – all without some poorly written and tacky headline in 60pt. type that I usually find in US gaming ads. Bless European advertising sometimes.