Kashiwa Sato

Coming from Japan, Kashiwa Sato is a branding machine. This website, designed by the epic THA, is quite a feast in and of itself. Loads of work well worth a look.

Back To The Basics

Check out Seattle’s Best’s new logo. Seems like there’s been a trend lately in creating logos that are super simple. The round, friendly typeface feels a little dunkin donuts-esque. I’m curious to see how this new mark will be implemented throughout their branding materials. So, yay or nay? I’m leaning towards yay. Not 100% sure yet though.

To Be Or Not To Be (We’re Talking About Gradients)

I remember around the time when I was a student, that being the early naughties, using gradients in any shape or form was like the visual equivalent of introducing the ‘C’ word into your day to day vocabulary. This brief article highlights some of today’s most well-known and innovative (arguably, in some cases) logo designs which helped to successfully abolished this taboo once and for all – starting with none other than the iconic Apple symbol. Personally I’m still on the fence with this one. What does everyone else think?

MASH updates

One of our all time favorites here at the Hug, the fine and friendly folks over at MASH, have updated with some new and once again, wonderful works. I am always intrigued and amazed at the execution of their works and their ability to convince folks that thinking outside of the confines of a box is actually healthy for everyone. Have a look see at again, an amazing body of work. MASH.

Ken Leung

With Modern Publicty just gone live, amongst other recent sightings, I thought it none the more apt to throw in a reiterance of the achievements of Ken Leung – the founding art director of one of my all-time favourite publications. A true purveyor of structure and simplicity over style, with a sensible and well-informed design philosophy to match; he’s been a very busy boy since fleeing the nest. GraphicHug has been an avid follower of his work for some time and we continue that trait, with just as much enthusiasm as when fingers first touched Monocle’s multi-substrate pages.

David James

No introduction required, David James. A compendium of timeless works spanning over 20 years from the Prada art director.

Creative Review Redesign

With the future of editorial design being somewhat in question lately, many predications have come to light concerning how magazine designers foresee the future of editorial design in general. Add the wintry economic climate to the rise in popularity of blogs and online publishing and right there; designers have a motivation to start thinking more carefully about the quality of their magazines – both in content and format. To quote Nicolas Bourquin – founder and creative director of onlab, who are responsible for the vastly popular Domus publication – ‘We are experiencing a fascinating epoch. its a hard time for magazines, but a fabulous time for editorial design.’ A paradox, you might think.

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Mia & Jem

Have seen their work before and realized perhaps they have not yet had a hug? Well, here it is, a hug for Mia and Jem. Have a look at some really nice work coming from this two person studio.

Moving Brands

Not new to GraphicHug but new to the US. Just found out London-based Moving Brands has opened a new studio in San Francisco. Always really innovative and inspired work. Looking forward to seeing what’s next.

Stationery for PLP Architecture

The epitome of ‘Less is more’ – we’re all nodding our heads in agreement here about the sheer beauty and simplicity of this stationery range for PLP Architecture by Angus Hyland at Pentagram. The logotype is apparently a re-drawn version of the typeface DIN and the colours remind me of Muji packaging. I’d be interested to know what stocks were used also. Hugs.


We’ve posted about this work before. But here’s some new releases for it. The Yes/Pandemonium work for PSB is extremely happiness. Yes, poor english. But yes, exquisite design. Have a look at Farrow for more happiness. Hugs.

Processed Identity

Processed Identity is a new website that is dedicated to sharing the different creative processes designers use when developing visual identities. The site has been up for 2 months now and there are 4 case studies plus articles and discussions related to the creative process with the aim of highlighting the benefits a customized and structured process can achieve. The site was launched in light of the increase in both availability and popularity of stock logos and “brands” that can be downloaded instantly, (not to mention crowd sourcing to add to the list). It looks like it could shape up to be an insightful resource. Keep an eye out.


Human Studio (a.k.a Human) is a multi-disciplinary creative studio coming out of Sheffield, UK. Founded by former tDR director, Nick Bax, who is currently a visiting lecturer at Fellow of The Royal Society of Arts, they produce some dazzling visual solutions for a global client roster. The portfolio is quite brief, so it warrants a quick look when time permits.