In the same vein as the earlier Me Company post, here’s another check in with a high profile 90’s design shop still going strong. Rick Valicente was certainly one of the handful of ‘rock star’ designers in the previous decade… nice to see his famous multilayered and thought provoking design has matured quite nicely. I was personally not so much into a lot of his work at the time, but I really respected his stance and desire to constantly push the envelope. Not as in-your-face as some of their earlier work, but consistently bold and smart throughout.

Slater & Weller


Thanks to Iain at Slater for the superb Paul Weller poster I just received this morning! 28 of 250 this piece demonstrates matt black foil block to commemorate the re-opening of the Ulster Hall, Belfast. And my first venue many years ago!

Otl Aicher


Just got back from a lovely time in San Francisco. Was great to see some of you from the Hugs during my time there. I’ll have to catch up with the rest of you all next time I am out there. Was able to catch a sweet little exhibit on Otl Aicher while I was there. The exhibit is at SF MOMA. The exhibit is on his and his teams work for the 1972 Olympics Identity and branding. If you have the time, do check it out. The mastery of this identity package is quite ridiculous. Every one of these pieces is beautiful. So as time permits, do view and do enjoy. Have a great week all!

Tronic For Comcast And Sony


Tronic created this HD trailer for Comcast. This is being displayed on an uber hi-def screen at Comcast center in Philadelphia. Some pretty solid stuff, as always.



Currency may be worthless in today’s economy, but that isn’t stopping India from looking for a symbol to represent the rupee. The Ministry of Finance has created a design competition open to all residents of India to create one.

Crave Brands: New site.

Crave Brands

Crave Brands is a primer, S. Fl, based brand id and packaging firm with a focus on grocery manufacturers and retailers. I’ve had the pleasure of learning from Matt and David early in my career. I couldn’t say enough about these guys and their work; quality all around.

Pentagram’s Campaign For D&AD Student Awards


Check out Pentagram’s promotional campaign and branding for the D&AD Student Awards. I hear this year D&AD are taking the annual to the online realm (for reasons of accessibility), hence the self-explanatory, pixel-based identity system. Flawless. Does this mean they won’t be producing the book anymore though?



When I was a wee lad (in the early 80’s), I did my fair share of building plastic models, mostly of cars and trucks and the like. The best maker of ultra-realistic, fantasy inspiring, super-detailed kits was, and no doubt still is, Tamiya of Japan. What probably attracted me to their stuff as much as the models was their wicked kewl corporate branding…great typography, obsessive illustrations and thorough execution. And comprehensive it was too, covering everything from the box art to glue bottles to their signature pentagonal paint charts ( love this design still to this day ) The beginning of my interest of graphic design….maybe. Sure wish i could have seen this retrospective exhibition of box art in Japan.

Wkem™ | Patrick Corrigan


Well, Huey, aka, P. Corrigan, aka, Patrick Corrigan looks to have been busy for the past few. We just spotted his updated site. Check it out when you can. Lotta great works including some kindly nicelys for Graphic Hug. Thanks Huey, keep it up. Nice1.

“Breathtaking” The Pepsi Universe


I’m not sure what to say. Not sure if “Breathtaking” is the right word. Check out the article here.