Constructive Lives


Geometric heaven! Inspired from African and West Indian patterns. The identity for this new concept store constructivelives is beautifully striking. Found on Portobello road London the work has been created by Multistorey.

Chicken Pistachio Curry/Tomato Meatball Stew + Refried Cheese Rice and a Mac & Cheese Pancake


I may be the total last person in the world to see this. But while looking up something to order on the typically dependable site, I just noticed, they have done an overhaul and I must say, what a nice overhaul it is indeed. Pretty nice type, everything is just cleaner and more streamlined and I still get to do myself a great service and order some of New York’s finest and un-finest. Have a look see if you have not done so already.

Brands of the World


I don’t know how many times I’ve been on a project and either a). the client doesn’t provide their logo or b). you need several other logos to complete a project but never receive the logos before the deadline. Redrawing it again in Illustrator is certainly an option, but I’d like to share a website that I use when I’m in this situation. Perhaps some of you know about this resource already, but have forgotten the URL. Brands of the World is a huge database of vector .eps files of every type of logo you can imagine. You can download the logos for free and use them on your project. No more late nights redrawing client logos. Enjoy.



the designers republic started in 86 / ends in 09. much respect.



I have a deep dark secret to admit…I’ve been a PC user for all of my life and only just recently purchased my first Mac! People always made fun of me for being a designer who used a PC…so when it came to purchasing a new computer, I caved in and I’m now a proud owner of a MacBook Pro. Details »

Saul Bass + IDEA


I was looking around on my bookshelf and I wanted to share one of my little gems I found a while ago while backpacking through Japan a few years back. Perhaps you’ve already seen this book, but if you haven’t I highly recommend you check it out, although it might be hard to find as it seems to be sold out everywhere. I have seen it pop up again from time to time so if you want to own your own copy don’t give up hope. There is however a nice Flickr documentation of the book here to hold you over in the meantime. Enjoy.

Alvin Chan


Coming out of the Netherlands with some boom and some nice environments and branding work is Alvin Chan. Check out some of what appears to be a pretty extensive work list. I’m most intrigued by the environments.

Some pretty interesting branded temporary spaces.

A Lou Dorfsmanesque wall of type? Yep.

Wine Packaging

Multi-purpose packaging from Wine container to lamp! There are some other recycled uses of products on their site as well.

a taste of intensity

I thought with it being the holiday season, I’d get away with firing up a cheeky post primarily with the intention of sharing with fellow huggers (and patron readers of course) some of my festive, drunken antics. Details »

Whoah. Move. Moving. Moved.

Mr. Pagan sent this link earlier to me today and I walk away very impressed. Having not seen this work before nor been familiar with this, Moving Brands, well, they have me moved. Details »


Knowing these guys from long time back in Huddersfield UK, Adam from SouthSouthWest dropped me line letting me know about a new site update and this limited edition poster they have launched. Nice.

hug_project 02

Details »

Landini Associates

After being reeled in by this wonderfully apt, but also equally simple and understated identity for Julique I had the pleasure of coming across this agency coming out of Austrailia called Landini Associates, who have recently been featured in the sweetly-designed Artichoke Magazine. I thought that would warrant them a mention on GH! Landini Associates were responsible for the brand strategy, packaging and global retail look for Julique. The company was launched in 1993 by brit-founder Mark Landini whose holistic outlook on branding and modernist approach (K-I-S-S; Keep it Simple Stupid) to design have steered this multi-national, as well as multi-disciplined company to global recognition. I’m sorry to say there isn’t much in the way to do the full diversity of their portfolio on the website, but if you ever get chance to pick up a copy of Artichoke and read the article in full – I would. Here are a couple of those delightful spreads: