Naji El Mir

Even at a fairly early stage of his career Naji El Mir has already been involved in many cross-cultural projects, solving Arabic and Latin combinations in branding, logo design, broadcast design and corporate identity, his work can be coined as mixture of both Arabic and Western visual cultures.

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Graphic Design on the Radio

It’s been a while but recently started tuning into some updates at Graphic Design on the Radio. Grez, mentioned this a little while back. And its nice to see this still up and going and thriving. I link to this today for no other reason then to say it never fails to provide a bit of hope and a bit of warm feelings on any winter day for any struggling designer just trying to figure things out. Have a listen!


I came across this recently which could prove to be an valuable resource for graduates and aspiring freelancers alike. CCCCAREER (whose name bears a striking resemblance to being a FFFFOUND counterpart, I might add), isn’t another design blog  – but a place to dispense tips on starting your creative career. Impeccable timing, I thought, as thousands of graduates will be looking to cross the proverbial bridge between ‘real world’ and academia as I type this entry.

The site contains a host of articles and Q&A style interviews with various practitioners from the fields of illustration, photography and design, as well as an open forum for sharing advice. There is also some valid coverage on some of the most commonly overlooked aspects of design education such as letter and CV writing, insight into industry preconceptions, interview tips, self-promotion and so on. Definitely worth a look if you’re starting to venture out into industry for the first time this summer.


Since being here in Seoul, it is ever so refreshing to find places, people, folks like this. If you have some time, check out the publications from Mediabus and better yet, if you are in Seoul, come visit The Book Society.

Mediabus is an independent publisher based in Seoul, Korea. It was initiated in 2007 by independent curators with the collaboration of designers. Mediabus publishes zines & books, produces and distributes, organizes exhibitions & events, directs a workshop, and carries out project or book commissions for companies & institutions.”

Yes Yes Y’all + Channel Y

What already was an amazing and amazingly curated music blog has now become even better. Sitting conveniently in a unique position among web experiences, this is now a place for some comfortably curated viewing and listening pleasures. From some pretty exquisite tastes at that. I love all the little typographic details as well. Alot of heart and care has gone into this. So as time permits, or as your interactive experiences permit, have a look at the new YYY. Yes Yes Y’all!

They Don’t Make ‘Em Like They Used To

Just as every music enthusiast will occasionally toss the iPod or CD collection to one side, pull his or her vinyl collection out of the dusty box, and lie there listening to the nostalgic scratch of some long-forgotten classics – you can imagine my enthusiasm on recently discovering a series of interviews with my first memory wave of design celebrities or ‘rock stars’ from the 80’s and 90’s on Debbie Millman’s ‘Design Matters’ podcasts. If you were a student in either of these eras (which I imagine many of our readers where), then these come highly recommended (Chris was kind enough to cover some of this subject a while back). Brody, Saville, Fella, Carson, Glaser and Curtis are just to name but a few. This morning it was a cross-atlantic call with Vaughan Oliver, with notable mention of the much under-mentioned Chris Bigg. For those who aren’t over familiar, Oliver was thrust into the design limelight back in the late 70’s for his openly self-indulgent and somewhat rebellious artwork for the record label 4AD.

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Apollo 11 Saturn V Launch (HD)

This has to be the most amazing footage I’ve seen in a long time. It is an HD transfer from a 16mm original of a launch of a Saturn V rocket. Thanks for the link Olivier. :D

SUPERLUXE a project by Crystal Chou

It appears one of our very oen, the very talented Crystal Chou has a window installation up in San Francisco.

This installation is part of her thesis work which is exploring a re-definition of luxury and asks the question, can luxury not be super? You can see more about the installation and her thesis here:

The installation will be up until May 14th June 12 and is located at 74 New Montgomery St in downtown San Francisco.

Have a look see as time permits!

Roman And Williams @ The Scout

Our buddy Tom is at it again. Yet another gorgeous video from our friends at the Scout. Have a look as time permits.

Roman & Williams from The Scout

The Wim Crouwel Archive

Okay, found this via our friend Antonio. This is flabbergasting. An amazing archive of the master’s work with hi res downloadable editions too. Well, not that hi res but higher res. Anyways, for any Crouwellians out there, this is a must see. Absolutely.

Creative Review Redesign

With the future of editorial design being somewhat in question lately, many predications have come to light concerning how magazine designers foresee the future of editorial design in general. Add the wintry economic climate to the rise in popularity of blogs and online publishing and right there; designers have a motivation to start thinking more carefully about the quality of their magazines – both in content and format. To quote Nicolas Bourquin – founder and creative director of onlab, who are responsible for the vastly popular Domus publication – ‘We are experiencing a fascinating epoch. its a hard time for magazines, but a fabulous time for editorial design.’ A paradox, you might think.

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Four Ways To Mix Fonts from H&FJ

Randomly ran into this, pretty quick read. As I’ve always learned and noted, the mixing of typefaces is truly an art form and one can never practice this enough. IMHO. Anyways, have a nice read as time permits.

LiveSurface: Geniosity

This will come as great news and help to those of your struggling to make beautiful comps. LiveSurface is a stock-image site designed just for designers. Their library contains hundreds of beautiful shots of different products, places, and pieces on which to apply your beautiful design! They obviously know what they are doing because all their files come as layered PSD’s for ease of use. A hump day treat indeed.