Herbert Matter / Abstraction / Design Observer


Really lovely post over at Design Observer by Jessica Helfand. I loved the sincerity of this post and more so, the feelings she is discussing here. I think much could be said for defying logic every now and then. And letting things happen or fall into place without any explanation. Have a read if you have some time this morning or this afternoon.

Billykirk By Scout Magazine

Our friends at the Scout have produced this wonderfully beautiful movie on high quality leather goods makers Billykirk. Truly beautiful in editing, cinematography and production, it is worth a look see. Word is there are going to be a few more of these coming down the pipeline so stay tuned for more at The Scout. Great work guys!

Creativity & Chance


Interesting read on chance and creativity forwarded to me from my buddy DD. It’s a nice quick read detailing four different types of chance and how it seems to forever be around us if we perhaps open our eyes. Well, thatís one of them atleast. I’ve always been under the assumption that if I was lucky with one thing, it was that I had always seemed to meet good folks. Details »

Rosemarie Tissi


Random type searches lead me to this typeface, created by Rosemarie Tissi in 1974. Iíve seen some of her work in passing throughout the years but still would love to see a more extended showcase. Anybody have a link floating around? Regardless, amazing work and amazing sensibility throughout the years. Rock. Hereís some random stuff I found while floating the net. You can see more here, here and here.

Hwan Lee


Some interesting work coming from this student. Hwan Lee.


Bento Box


Interesting debate or kind of debate over at nytimes forwarded to me by my good buddy Tom. Discussing aesthetics and the everyday lunch. It isnít really so much a debate but more so a few thoughts on Japanese aesthetics and lunch. Itís a nice quick read and again, a joy as I can again, ponder what appears to be the ageless wonder of one my favorites, Mr. Kenya Hara. I think he nailed it again. Itís interesting how a concept such as ergonomics perhaps is doing too much? Iíve never thought of it that way but in a way, it is true. That knife, in all its splendor does fit better with some than others. And perhaps this is not the best of scenarios? Anyways, have a read as time permits.

Caravaggio & Bacon


2 artists, 1 Italian city Roma. I was lucky to see this superb exhibition over the weekend. It is four hundred years since the death of the Italian painter Caravaggio and one hundred years since the birth of Francis Bacon. The exhibition is at the Galleria Borghese and offers a visual aesthetic and artistic originality. Its a must to see if your in Italy the coming month.

Designing Type


In all my years of design school, I regret never taking a type design course. Despite my lack of training, I’ve always wanted to give it a shot. So I was glad I happened to be in Michigan to meet and hear Karen Cheng, Associate Professor at the University of Washington in Seattle, give a lecture at Michigan State University to promote her new book, Designing Type. Her cheerful demeanor and humorous presentation kept the students engaged and certainly piqued their interest in typeface design. The book, like the lecture, carefully breaks down the nuances and subtleties of creating a legible but unique typeface. It was refreshing to see someone inspire such enthusiasm in students, especially in regards to type design. I find her book Designing Type to be a thorough go to source for type enthusiasts and students, a must have for those teaching typography. At the end of the lecture, she posed an intriguing question, what is the greatest typeface of all time?

The Defence of the Realm, The Authorized History of MI5


Looks to be an interesting read and an equally nice looking book. For the first time amongst any national/international organization is an authorized historical account. Looking forward to this release. While doing some perusing, was curious about the crest, which is really quite beautiful. Here is an excerpt from the official MI5 website:

At the centre of the Service crest, which was approved by the Garter, Principal King of Arms in 1981, is a golden winged sea lion on a blue background which represents our historical association with the three armed services. The colour blue signifies our overseas ties. Surrounding this central emblem are three further symbols: a green cinquefoil, a portcullis and a red rose. The cinquefoil’s five petals allude to the “5” in MI5, and the colour green has been associated with intelligence since the First World War.
The portcullis, traditionally a symbol of parliament, relates to the Service’s function of upholding parliamentary democracy, and the crown over the top of the portcullis at the top of the crest refers to our status as crown servants. The rose has historical associations with state intelligence work – Sir Francis Walsingham, the head of Queen Elizabeth I’s 16th century “intelligencers”, used it on his seal. At the bottom of the crest is our motto: “Regnum Defende”, meaning “Defend the Realm”.

Details »

Close Your Studio: The Power Of Time Off


Interesting speech over at TED talks with Stefan Sagmeister.

A Better World By Design


Looks like there is a pretty exciting event in Providence coming up very soon. In its second year now, hosted at Brown and RISD, here’s the details:

A Better World by Design: October 2-4 at Brown University and the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, RI. Now in its second year, A Better World by Design brings together a global community of innovators to Providence, Rhode Island to reach across disciplines and unite under a common goal ñ to make a better world. Details »

Back To School


In celebration of the first day of school, despite melancholy children across the nation, I suggest checking out the website Learn Something Every Day. Take a look, you might just learn something new.

Emigré No. 70: The Look Back Issue


Perhaps I have been living under a rock. Well, not perhaps. I have been living under a rock. Jory told me about this a few days ago. But man, seeing it now, gets me even more excited. Looks like our dear friend Emigré is releasing a compilation of some of the best moments. It looks to be perhaps, a greatest hits, or in this instance, yeah, a greatest moments. I am stoked. Is it me or do we have a severe un-replacement for Emigré. I mean seriously. There is nothing like it now. Or is there? Some down home good stuff. Like Chili Con Carne or something like that. Anyways, I think some of the initial hope with Graphic Hug was to bring back some of that Chili. Any thoughts on how we can do that? Where is the Chili?