Young & Mad, Older & Happier


I’ve been musing over Chris’ great “making old guys mad” post for some time now. Back in the early 90’s when I was in design school, I recall an attitude so very different than what’s prevalent in the young design world today.

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GE SmartGrid


It has been a while since a website was highlighted here. I just ran into this tonight and thought I had to check it out. It is the latest from North Kingdom and Goodby, Silverstein & Partners and man, I must say, it is quite a piece of work. I think content wise, it is a little skimpy but the execution is quite a marvel. Seriously beautiful and very well done in all aspects. Check it out when you get a chance….

National Film Board of Canada


The National Film Board of Canada (NFB) has decided to publicize 12,000 Canadian short films from the past … ever. All on their website for your own free and private viewing. Of course this includes auteur animation and drama, full length documentaries, releases new and old, fiction and non, etc. These archives opened up only a week ago and proves that public money can be well spent. Here’s a few to get you started:

Walking Ryan Larkin, 1968 5 min 6 sec

Design Innovations for Canadian Settlements Brian Mackay, 1976 17 min 23 sec

Deep Threat Zlatko Grgic, 1977 7 min 12 sec (a ridiculously cute one on evolution)

Drylanders Don Haldane, 1962 69 min 24 sec Go Canada! There I said it.

Just in case you were passing…


The Visual Communications Department at the American University in Dubai is proud to host a graphic design lecture and workshop, Counterpoint: Motivation & Creation, led by the renowned exhibition designer Edith Gruson, co-founder of the Dutch design company Traast + Gruson. With Clients ranging from the Venice Architectural Biennial to Droog Design and Bang & Olufsen, Ms. Gruson has played a revolutionary role in defining the profession of exhibition design. The lavishly illustrated publication ‘Exposed’ by Frame Birkhauser is a monograph on Traast + Gruson’s method and includes theoretical analyses of their work. Details: American University in Dubai, UAE / Lecture: Sunday, 1 February, 6:00pm / Location: AUD Auditorium, Admin Building. See you there!

Remember these!?


I certainly do! I came across this collection of “How and Why Books” recently as I was looking for inspiration for a gig poster I was working on. Immediately I was taken back to my elementary school days, when everything I did was by hand. Thus, began thinking about the designers behind these covers and piles and piles of thumbnails that went into to each and every one, looking for the perfect composition. The drafts and re-drafts to make the right shapes and color palette. And as much as I love these covers, respect the time and care that went into them, and the nostalgia makes me all snuggly, I wonder if these covers could hold up in graphic design today. Do you think this concept is too obvious for a modern solution to this very same project? Are the visuals not slick enough?

Output Competition


Florian Pfeffer informs us that there is a competition for students in architecture and print design with a deadline coming up in February. Looks like a nice opportunity for anybody out there with student status. A brief description from them: Works carried out by students usually disappear into drawers after presentation to a relatively small college audience. There the work remains invisible. We want to change that. :output is the biggest international competition for students in design and architecture. The works selected by the jury will be published in the yearbook :output. If you are interested check out the website.

Well, I do and I don’t


As designers, I am sure that each and everyone of us have encountered a situation or thought that is relevant to the message of this poster. And since I found this poster I have been grappling with my thoughts and feelings over it. While half of me finds it liberating, the other half, well, just doesn’t know how to feel. So I guess I want to pose a question…What do you feel about it?


Am, was, and still will be very honored to have participated in a final crit for Katherine Hughes’ typography class at MassArt last week. Details »

Arts In Society: Volume 7 No. 3 1970

This interesting high modernist artifact comes from one of my countless used bookstore digging expeditions back in the day. Arts in Society, ( published in the 60s and 70’s by the University of Wisconsin ) at some point in the late 60’s, switched to a uber-Swiss international style design. I remember picking it up not due to any particular interest in the writing, but by the cool day-glo orange helvetica heavily silkscreened on the raw cardboard cover. The interior is full of great, almost charming examples of analogue / typewriter modernism, with tipped in colored paper sections, concrete poetry and high contrast stat-camera photos, all bearing a heavy Quentin Fiore influence. It simply exudes thoughtfulness and seriousness, with subtle details and the unique visual presentation of each article. Despite the wear and tear on my particular copy, this would look as fresh as anything else on you’d see in the literary/arts journal section of the newstand today. Designed by Sheila de Bretteville.

The Grid System

Mr. Carusone informs us of the launch of a great respository for all things grid. The Grid System. Thank you for this. I’m happy to see this and happy to further see it grow. It is a lovely site. Keep checking back for updates!

April Greiman at SVA

Looks like April Greiman is having a masters series exhibition at SVA as well as a lecture next Tuesday. Free to the public, let me know if any of you folks in New York are interested in going! Quoted from SVA release: “a prophet, a teacher, a hotelier, an environmental artist, a businesswoman, a technophile and a technophobe” – Lewis Blackwell, from Something from Nothing October 20 – December 13, 2008 Reception: Monday, October 20, 6-8pm Lecture: Tuesday, October 21, 7pm Here are some prints from April that you can still buy here: Have a good thursday all.

The Girl Effect

Typography + piano + a powerful message. And the website is worth a look as well. (And it’s Flash!) Some nice, straightforward, un-pretentious design for a good cause.


Just saw this is coming up, speaking of Diller/Scofidio/Renfro. If any of you New Yorkers are up for attending, let me know. Should be pretty interesting. I’d be stoked to see DSR talk again, as I explained before. It was pretty amazing. TUESDAY 11 NOVEMBER 2008 6:30–8:30PM More Information Here+