Recognize_01 Jeff Mills

JEFF MILLS A pioneer of the Detroit Techno sound, Jeff Mills has been here from the beginning. His storied career may sound like a few of his contemporaries, but Mills stands apart in his subliminal execution and ability to elevate techno. In recent years he’s finally been able to bring techno to a wider audience giving the genre much deserved respect. Mill’s talents are many, but behind the decks is where my jaw just drops. The man is not from this planet, he’s an alien for sure. Like a true master he juggles 3 turntables, a Roland 909, and record after record. Admidst this chaos Mills crafts a sound so blissfully clean. Links wiki, axis records, clip from Exhibitionist, interview. Non-Design Heros will be an ongoing series of posts by Dr Chae highlighting inspirational figures from a variety of fields. The series will recognize individuals whose work, life, philosophies, and stories push the boundaries in their respective worlds. It will purposefully choose people outside of the design realm to emphasize the need to look outside of the bubble. Stay tuned.