Recognize_02 Philip K. Dick

Philip K. Dick was not only a prolific Sci-Fi author, but also a philosopher, theologian, and futurist. His work has gained considerable recognition in the past decade as many of his sci-fi works have been made into movies, (Minority Report, A Scanner Darkly, and Paycheck to name a few.) His works are packed visions of a drug-fueled future where realities are bent, surveillance is betraying, and androids fight for consciousness. But what elevates the work of Philip K. Dick are the heavy questions his writings ask. They really challenge the reader to ponder perceptions of reality in an increasingly virtual environment. His work has been the inspirational source for many. After reading a few of his books you’ll quickly spot the influence everywhere from the Matrix, to Ghost in the Shell. Philip K. Dick was a true post-modern philosopher and a scribe for a drugged-up, wired generation. As we progress with increasing speed his words become more relevant. They begs us to pay attention to those whispers in the ether between the buzz of our computers and cell phones. Links short comic by R. Crumb, Official site, rare video interview about A Scanner Darkly.